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Milkdaddy get’s interviewed by Fair Lady Magazine


9 March 2002 No Comment

The March 13 2002 issue of Fair Lady Magazine contains an article on graffiti and the MilkDaddy get’s interviewed.

The article also features an interview with Mantis plus they discuss the by-laws which are causing so much controversy here in Cape Town South Africa.

The MilkDaddy answered questions about graffiti. It must also be stated on this site that the MilkDaddy is not a graffiti artist and only lended his views and opinions in this article. Regardless of how graffiti started out the MilkDaddy has always believed that graffiti should be used for giving a social or political message.

If there is any feedback on this article in the magazine feel free to email the MilkDaddy and tell him what you thought.

It must also be noted that the press is giving graffiti a lot of focus at this moment. The MilkDaddy believes this outlash against graffiti is a class issue:

“They think that hip hop graffiti is related to violence but this cannot be proved. The real estate agents and mother grundy’s are getting upset about this because it has infiltrated into their areas. They fear that it is going to bring their property values down. You see it’s all about money. Graffiti art has existed for years on the Cape Flats and Mitchell’s Plain but nobody was complaining then. Now it comes in the previous white areas and now it’s an issue. This is a class issue no doubt. The laws are only going to make the situation worse.” – MilkDaddy

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