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New York, NY – Public Enemy will release a new album, Revolverlution, this summer as part of a new partnership between their own SlamJamz Records and KOCH Entertainment. Revolverlution features 14 tracks, 8 of which are new songs written and performed by the group. Four tracks are new versions of Public Enemy hits produced by winners as part of a contest held on SlamJamz.com late last year. Chuck D posted newly recorded vocals of the songs on the website, and fans were invited to download them onto their own musical creations. Four winners were selected from around the world for inclusion in Revolverlution and will receive producer credits as well as royalties. Three additional tracks on the album are live recordings of “Welcome To The Terrordome,” “Fight The Power,” and “Uzi Weighs A Ton.”

The record, which follows 1999’s There’s A Poison Goin’ On, is considered to be the first truly interactive album ever made, and was largely created via the Internet. Revolverlution features four classic Public Enemy songs reworked by contest winners. The liner notes were written by a UK based Public Enemy devotee and the album artwork was created by a fan living in Maine. All contributors have never met the band in person, and were found via Public Enemy’s and Chuck D’s super-websites SlamJamz.com, Rapstation.com and PublicEnemy.com.

Walter Leaphart, President of SlamJamz Records, praised the group’s new alliance with KOCH Entertainment. “We’re excited about partnering with KOCH on this venture. Bob Frank and his team consistently deliver innovative and comprehensive marketing and sales programs, and we’re thrilled to work with them on such a trailblazing project.”

Bob Frank, President of KOCH Entertainment says, “On this, their 15th anniversary, Public Enemy is yet again revolutionizing the business. This innovative release concept will introduce them to a new generation as well as satisfy their existing fans. We’re looking forward to a long, fruitful partnership with Public Enemy and SlamJamz Records.”

Public Enemy redefined rap music and hip hop culture with their explosive debut album, Yo Bum Rush The Show, in 1987. The group’s messages addressed weighty issues about race, rage and inequality with a jolting combination of intelligence and eloquence never heard before. Public Enemy’s subsequent six albums were released over the next 12 years with worldwide sales in the millions. The New York Times named Public Enemy’s music to their list of “25 Most Significant Albums of the Last Century,” and Entertainment Weekly listed Fear of a Black Planet as one of the most important records of the ’90s. Public Enemy will launch an international tour in the fall.

KOCH Entertainment has the current largest market share of any independently distributed record label in the U.S.A. KOCH Entertainment, based in New York, operates its own record labels including KOCH Records, In The Paint (urban), Audium (country), and KOCH International Classics and has interests in other leading independent labels.

For more information please call:
Jolyn Matsumuro for Public Enemy and SlamJamz Records
(310) 455-6888 Ext. 104

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