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Mizchif set to release new German released full length album


24 May 2002 No Comment

Mizchif, who had recently collaborated with kwaito head Mavusana has been said to have gone back to the drawing boards, during the tour of the critically acclaimed combined album
Mizchif was working on his first full length album that he is completing in Germany with a label called Pyramid Music distributed by Grooveattack (Phife Dog, Biz Markie……). Mizchif told
us the album will be called “Element of Suprize”, and he says its dedicated to all the heads that felt he fell off, in our opinion we feel Mizchif has been holding it down for Hip Hop in Africa
and is a good business man for his age, he is seeking “proper” hip hop distribution that will “cater for the rest of the continent cause the U.S. and Europe are covered”, he says. If there are
distributors who feel they can handle a big project like Mizchif come forward. It is nice to see African Hip Hop making it worldwide.

note: Mizchif will be going on a promotional world tour called “The Breakin Barriers Tour”, so lookout for him in your town.

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