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Freddie B – The Interview!


29 June 2002 No Comment

Freddie B The Ballpoint Composer. Peep the interview.

First of all I just wanted to tell you personally that I really enjoyed the album. The Monitor really bumps in the club, there’s some mad bass on there. Anyway, can you tell us who Freddie B is on a personal level?

On a personal level all music aside, I’m your average brother tryin to make it! What alot of people don’t know about me is that I’m the type of person who likes to be alone, home with my wife and son, watchin Kung Fu movies or some Japanimation.

How did you hook up with Uprok?

Ah ha, thats a funny story long so I’ll paraphrase! I’m very good friends with some label mates of mine ILL Harmonics we been homies on the music level for the last 6 years. But friends at least a total of 12. When uprok first started up Brandon Ebel was still lookin around for groups and naturally my Ill buddies were like “Yo lets run Fred by him…” Brandon heard a make shift fly by night version of Pro Audio and liked it. The rest is history. Plus they need some brothas on the roster. 🙂

Your album is really fresh and unique and one of the tracks I’m really feeling at the moment is Rock The Beat Within Ya Heart. How did you hook up with Sev Statik?

Sev is my dog man I love that knucka, well I’m gonna let you and the rest of the world in on a little secret. That song was gonna be on The Night We Called it A Day you know from Deepspace 5 my other anglo dominated group, but for some odd reason ManChild and Playdough voted it off sayin it was the weakest song. Well me Sintax and Sev were like yall are crazy we love it, blah, blah blah. So Playdough said since I’m the one workin on a project we’ll put it on yours. I said “WORD!” But anyway to answer your question I met Sev a year ago when we all gatherd to record that album and just clicked ever since. He and Sintax both are probably gonna do work with me in the future.

You produced this album together with Harry Krum. Can you tell a bit about how you got into producing and what would you say were influences for that?

Hmm..Influences….well as far as production I get open off anything from Hi Tek. Pete Rock comes to mind, as well as Prince Paul. But one thing I try not to do is follow the signature sound of my beat making role models. My publishing company is Untitled Sound so I hold that name dearly when it represents me. I say use all the elements of what I like about those producers and formulate your own sound. I mean who knows maybe somebody will add me to thier favorite producer list? But how I got into doing beats of my own is just the simple fact that If I need something I wanna be able to do it myself. I wanted something to make beats on, got it. I wanted a recording studio, getting it you know? I just wanna be able to do it all! One day I’m gonna try my hands on the turntables!

I personally think that your flow is really good, especially on the first track. How long you been rapping?

HA HA HA Rapping good or rapping in general? Nah thanks for the love man, I have been rhymin a grand total of only 10 years. But everytime I say that people think I’m lying.

Was this the first solo album you did?

HA no…. “The Tape Hiss Chronicles” Back in my backpacker days I recorded a 17 song solo joint that has now seen the inside of my fireplace!! Just kiddin, I have a copy of it but It will never see the light of day. But it keeps me humble though, helps me remember that I’m not the dopest in the world.

What artists are you hoping to work with in the future and what artists are you really feeling now?

When it’s time for the Fred B sophmore album I would love to do something with the Gift of Gab from Blackalicious. He’s just incredible to me, as far as artists I’m feeling right now? Hmm…..Blackalicious, Dialated Peoples, GZA, The Roots, Slum Village, Mars ILL.

Have you ever heard hip hop from South Africa?

No but… hey man I’m happy I’m in South Africa! But nah nothing suprises me after I learned there was hip hop in Switzerland.

What are your thoughts on the different styles of hip hop coming out? Any thoughts on the Cash Money’s and No Limits of the rap world?

Their good for what they do, you know? They into shakin booty’s and wearing jewelry, me I’m into skills and uplifting people with my lifestyle that follows christ’s teachings. I don’t push what I believe on anybody I just let the anoiting in my music speak for itself. Anyway I got off on a tangent, but my thoughts are this plain and simple. There is more to life than drivin expensive cars, and wearing “Ice” I have no problem with anybody who gets out the ghetto, I just hope that the money won’t rule them. Arguably they could say they sick of hearing songs about metaphors, and Battle tactics. So it’s a catch 22.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Someone who won’t hit you with an Ill hip hop album and bounce back on the sophmore effort with some commercial garbage.

Thanks for taking out the time to talk to us, any last words or shout outs?

Yes I have a couple, (clears throat) First to the broke emcee foundation, Taco Bell, and 7-11.

For more info on Freddie Bruno check out Uprok Records.

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