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Interview with A D E E M


3 July 2002 No Comment

You were the lucky one to get the first track on the compilation, so is the track Maker Mine about waiting for a girl, are you still waiting?

Yeah those guys at syntax are good to me. That song is about a couple of things but mostly it’s about not compromising your happiness to be in a relationship. Not letting yourself get bullied or lied to. It has a lot to do with the past, present, and future for me. I don’t think I’m waiting anymore, at the time when I wrote the song I was in serious thinking mode trying to piece my situation together and the lyrics just sort of all came at once, while I was traveling in San Francisco. I started jotting most of it down and then finished it when my homie maker played me a beat he was working on. Maker Mine was the start of the best music I’ve ever made.

So who is Adeem and what you all about?

Good Question, Adeem is no one really. My name is Adam and I like to make music and do something that makes people happy. I’m about a lot of things, i don’t believe in corporate domination, i don’t drink or do any drugs, my friends mean a lot to me, I’m a religious person but don’t dig organized religion, i would die without a stereo in my car, I have a wonderful girlfriend, thrift stores make my room a messy place, i travel more than i sit still, I try to read as much as I can and educate myself so I can converse with anyone. I guess that’s about it. What are you about?

When can we expect an album and who’s gonna feature on there?

Well, I try to make as much music as possible. Here is the rundown. I just released an album on syntax records called Sweet talking your brain, featuring all production from the vinyl monkeys. The same album is also being released in Japan on Tri-Eight distribution. I also have another group called Glue that features me on all vocals, maker on the beats (from Chicago) and DJ DQ from (turntablist crew the animal crackers) that is my favorite album so far. It’s done and recorded but it’s getting the final mixdown now and then I will be shopping it to see what I can do with it. I also have a group called The Dorian Three, consisting of myself and Adverse (1200 hobos) on vocals and MF Shalem on the beats, we have one album already released and the next one is being written and recorded now. The last is the Adeem and MF Shalem Album. Shalem has been my best friend for about 12 years and we are the foundation for most of the music and live shows that I do. We have been working on an album for a while and n

Where you from?

I’m from keenesbridge, New Hampshire in the middle of the woods right at the top right of the united friggin states.

How would you describe your style and when you do a track what is it that you want to accomplish?

My style is just me. Nothing else but what I’m feeling. It all depends on the mood and the beat. I try to adapt. I want every song I do to be timeless. Not legendary, but in the sense that I want to accomplish making good music. That’s what’s important to me. I want people to be effected in one way or another.

In terms of hip hop what artists are you feeling right now?

CEE LO GREEN..that’s my ish right now, I can’t stop listening to it. I love latryx still, lateef and lyrics born are the best. I like adverse a lot, I listen to the classics of course, can’t live without my main source, de la soul, and kmd. My friend Alias just dropped a new album he is really talented. I’m also a huge fan of themselves (jel and dose one). Mr.Lif is awesome as well. There’s lots of stuff but hiphop doesn’t take much of my listening time anymore.

Any plans on coming to South Africa and checking out the scene?

Only if you fly me out..But please do. Tell all the promoters to call me.

What is the most frustrating thing for you right now?

That’s easy, being broke and trying to make music full time. It’s quite the struggle to get over the hump of living off your art and just doing it as a hobby. The under underground scene we are in is so small and has so little budget that it’s hard to get really good shows that pay good with promoters who can really make it happen. Plus just getting your music out there is difficult. labels are cowards and never really want to invest in something new. Or something like that. It’s time for me to settle down a bit and get more involved with the business aspect of things and get our music properly funded and released. Also I can’t stand cookie cutter people and alcoholics who throw it all away off boredom and ignorance. Was that enough of a rant?

Are you touring?

I have been touring on and off on small levels for the last year or so. All around the country mostly and some of Canada. I have yet to go on a well funded tour but I’m looking forward to it. More touring this fall.

How did you hook up with Syntax?

I met the syntax posse through moodswing9 (greatest producer of all time). He knew them through mutual friends and when I was traveling in California they let myself and moodswing9 record a song we had done in their studio for free. So that was the beginning of our love. Such a romantic story.

So if people want to hear more of your music where do they go, any website?

Yes, they travel to one of my shows and hear me live. Or they can go to www.thedorianthree.com and that will guide you with the force.

Thanks man, for talking to us, any last words?

Thank you very much, I appreciate you asking me. Anyone can contact me at Adeem@thedorianthree.com

Please buy the music and help me get somewhere so my Mom and dad will be proud. thanks again..peace

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