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An Interview With Luke Geraty


21 July 2002 No Comment

Your track Slaves Of The Industry is on the Night Owl Compilation released by Syntax. Can you tell us how you hooked up with Syntax?

Yeah, slaves to the industry, another late night recording prodigy produced by the infamous Sir Rocdomz. I hooked up with Syntax before there really was a Syntax. I have known the Syntax camp basically since like back in the mid 90’s… we used to email each other and did some shows together. I eventually went on to join Sackcloth Fashion to some extent and then moved out to San Diego from the midwest to do that shole thing.

For those who don’t know can you tell us you are, where you from and how long you been involved with this hip hop scene.

If you don’t know who I am, you have been missing out on a whole lot of horrible music for a very very very long time. I am luke geraty. I have been rapping for like, 13 years now… I have been doing music full time for the last like, 3 or so. Hip Hop is unfortunately the only scene I’m involved in… I’m trying to get more involved in the baking scene, cuz I really like cookies.

As a holy hip hop artist, how are you treated by the secular hip hop community?

Well, apart from being on Syntax, I have very little ties with the ‘holy hip hop’ community. I don’t do shows at churches. I do 99.9% of my shows at clubs. I seem to do well cuz I have been able to do a lot of shows, and I get paid for them, so, I consider that doing good, cuz I’m able to eat after the show. I think me concentrating on just doing good music has enabled myself to gain respect in some areas that some people have failed too.

How would you describe your style and when you do a track what is it that you want to accomplish?

My style is just rap. I don’t consider myself any real style. I write songs and I try to put as much emotion in them as I can, cuz I’m an emotional rollercoaster with a huge chemical imbalance and the single thing I try to accomplish when I make a song is that I can listen to the song and enjoy it. The sound I’ve put out has changed a lot since I first started recording. I am becoming pretty stinking dope if you ask me, but no one ever asks me… ha ha

Do you have an album coming out? If so who will be featuring on it?

I actually have just finished up my EP. It’s called “the before I sold out EP” and it’s got a whole lot of songs on it. You can find out more info at www.lukegeraty.com or just email me at lukegeraty@hotmail.com. I am currently finishing up my LP and my 12inches as well. The LP will feature a LOT of dope producers, sir rocdomz of sackcloth fashion, moodswing9 of anticon, maker of them badd apples, know1 of soft focus crew, etc. As far as rappers… I am just not sure what will make the album. I can say this though, I’m waiting for pigeon john to call me right now cuz he’s in town for a show we all hit up last night with Subteraneous Crew who I must add is super dope. I’m ALSO doing a project called Bucket with know1 from the crew I’m in, Soft Focus that is very very dope. It’s called “This is music” and is going to make us millions so we can drive BMW’s and stuff.

In terms of hip hop what artists are you feeling right now?

Hmm… good question. I like everyone and hate everyone. I like a lot of aesop rock though… pretty much all his music makes me extremely happy. I also like elp, chino xl, the roots, sup the chemist, mars ill’s new EP, ahmad… atmosphere…. outkast…. errr.. uh… I like a lot of things I guess. Nelly Fertado is the best.

Do you have any plans on coming to South Africa?

Yes. I plan on doing world tours and this will include South Africa…. know anyone that wants to see the dopest show they’ll ever attend?

What is the most frustrating thing for you right now?

Knowing that I am not making millions off music even though I am trying to exploit everything I can;) Naw, I’m just… you know… frustrated with everything I guess. When I say I’m an emotional rollercoast, I’m serious. Sometimes I’m pretty happy with the way things are, and other days I’m stressed and am very anti social… which is more so then not….. I like to be alone, except for with my wife. My wife brightens every aspect of my life. She’s a true blessing from God.

Can you describe a typical day for Luke.

Depends… some days I wake up lazy and decide not to wake up at all. Normally I go about the day as a normal human, you know… signing autographs everywhere I go, getting everything for free, having millions of dollars thrown at me, etc etc…. but when not having that typical day…. I’m sitting around chilling and listening to music, working on the bucket project with know1, who’s extremely dope and better then everyone except me (ha ha), and last but not least…. playing PS2 with my wife… she’s good.

Thanks man, for talking to us, any last words?

Yeah, don’t take everything I say serious…. the parts about me NOT signing autographs and getting stuff for free are NOT true. Also, be a sport and check out my web site Luke Geraty and make sure and check out the Media section, cuz I have a few new songs up there from the EP and will soon have some of the LP stuff up there as well.

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