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DJ @ Work: READY D- Saturday, 12 October


4 October 2002 No Comment

DJ @ Work will feature non other than Ready D at LIFE, now his monthly residency.

Ready is arguably South Africa’s number 1 Hip Hop DJ. For those of you who don’t know whom Ready is, here a brief bio of a local living legend.

Ready D was born in District Six, and now resides in Mitchell’s Plain. He’s been a productive member of the Hip Hop culture since 1983, where he began as a break-dancer in a group called THE BALLASTIC ROCKERS. In 1990 Ready D entered the South African National DJ Championship … he has won it three times since, and remains the most skilled and versatile Hip Hop DJ in South Africa. In 1995 he was a judge in the U.K. Vestax World DJ Championship. In 1996 he won the DJ OF THE DECADE CHAMPIONSHIP and also appeared in many international music magazines, when not the main subject he’s reviewing DJ equipment and giving DJ advice. For Ready D, highlight performances include, The Presidential Inauguration of President Nelson Mandela and Quincy Jones Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. He, along side POC, appeared in the movie “On Dangerous Ground” which starred Ice Cube and Liz Hurley.

More recently Ready D was instrumental in aiding the Red Bull Homegroove project. Through Homegroove young up and coming DJ’s were given the opportunity to showcase their skills to the public through out South Africa. In addition the master has been a regular applicant in the Red Bull Music Academy. The Academy is an international DJ intuitive that brings DJ’s from all over the world together to share their experiences of what is happening in their respective countries.

These days Ready D is very hard at work with his DJ-ing duties as well as part of group Brasse vannie Kaap. Then of course there is his studio work so expect and album from this legend soon. No DJ in SA will ever come close to Ready D, as he will blow you away with his technical deck skills. So, you better catch this man in action while you can! 

On support for this night we got DJ Azuhl (Ready D’s right hand man) laying down his trademark Hip Hop sound and Charl Chaka, who will also be playing an early-evening hip-hop-funk set. 


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