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Alt Rap releases third compilation – Alt Rap XIV:XIX


10 October 2002 No Comment

3RD Visional Records and La Scala Entertainment release the third Alt.Rap compilation cd. If you are unfamiliar with Alt Rap, it is a newsgroup (and in the last few years has become a hip hop e-zine with interviews, reviews, articles, etc – altrap.com) that has been running since at least 1993 when the first compilation was released by the die-hards that are alt rap contributors by mailing around a 4 track tape and recording their individual pieces. Last year, one of our contributors (Pizon – Lascalaentertainment.com) announced a compilation cd and put his time and money into making it a reality. This year I teamed up with Pizon and we organized a substantially better compilation that is entitled Alt Rap Presents – Alt Rap XIV:XIX (14 Emcees:19 Tracks). These are all underground emcees that contribute to the alt.rap online hip hop community.

Please help support the Alt Rap XIV:XIX release; the compilation where underground and online hip hop merges.Real Audio Preview

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