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15 October 2002 No Comment

Independent underground hip-hop artist Timid’s anticipated first solo CD has been released.

This release consists of twelve (12) hip-hop tracks that span a range of influences and styles. “inTimidation” displays Timid’s lyrical, production and potential abilities helped out with a few sparse appearances by other underground artists as well as an introduction shout out by Tash of Tha Liks. This is hip hop with a mental edge, speaking on various society issues, personal insight, flavored with some spiritual seasoning and a added helping of raw raps. The first review has “inTimidation” labeled as Altrap.com’s “MUST BUY” pick and receiving a 4 out of 5 rating. (http://www.altrap.com/reviews/history/timid/timid.html) “a little different from what you’re looking for perhaps, but this is the best Hiphop I’ve heard this year….” – AttL – owner altrap.com

Timid has been slowly making an appearance on the underground hip hop scene receiving praise from his track “All About The Rhyme” that appeared on the “Battle Mode” compilation in summer of 2001; “I could imagine an underground following of fans ‘cause Timid has the whole package that seems to define today’s underground MC’s.”

For further information visit:
http://www.timid.tkUrban Ambiance Journal
“Timid is an emcee to keep an eye on. He’s serious about what he does and it shows: his production is steadily improving and there are moments of pure brilliance that will make you feel what Timid’s all about. And though his flow may not blow you away the first time you hear it, his lyrics have depth and are well delivered.”

Addreviews.com: 3.5 out of 5
“Timid’s straight forward flow and storytelling abilities are accented by solid production resulting in an ill DIY underground package.”

Rapreviews.com: 7 out of 10 rating in all catagories.

Altrap.com Rating of: 4 Out Of 5 – Labeled “MUST BUY” Pick of the week.

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