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Scratch DVD – The Review


17 October 2002 No Comment

Skratch The Movie (Palm Pictures) has got to be one of the most important Hip Hop orientated movies of this decade. There is absolutely no question about it. Peep the review.


Since people have been bombarding me with hundreds of documentaries and movies on the Hip Hop culture I was expecting this movie to give me the same so-so type entertainment. But boy was I wrong. This DVD is a collectors item I tell you! If nothing in this review is going to convince you to beg, borrow, buy or steal this movie then I seriously have to re-evaluate my writing style. Nevertheless after a hard days work I pop this into my player, put my feet up and enjoyed the ride.

This is a double-DVD so I spent practically the whole night doing “air-scratches” and cart wheels around the living room. That’s just how much you are going to enjoy this movie. The movie in itself is the highlight, and I’ve got to give Doug Pray the biggest shout out for producing this. This documentary/movie is probably one of the most important contributions to Hip Hop film since Beat Street and Wild Style and will most likely see this as a collectors items for our Hip Hop grandsons and granddaughters. Much in the same way that those other movies have became so special to us.

You get an insiders look at legends like DJ Premier, Mix Master Mike and Dj Q-Bert. You get to look at turntablism as you’ve never seen it before, from an overall perspective. But you see what makes this movie special is that the perspective does not come from the producer himself, but from those who partake in this visual orgasm.

As a Hip Hop purist or even for somebody who is slightly interested in this element of Hip Hop, you will be captivated, you will learn so much. You will learn about the history, and you will break out into laughter when you least expect, with your neigbours on the other side of the wall begging to know what the joke is.

The ridiculously huge amount of featured DJ’s and people in this movie can make any friend of this DVD owner jealous. With a movie that is about 1 hour and a half long coupled with previews, a Scratch notation demo, a lesson from DJ Q-Bert, tips from DJ Z-Trip, a whole bunch of interviews plus lots of other stuff, damn man, I’ve only got this to say: Beg, borrow, steal, buy, buy, buy. If you can only buy one video/DVD this year, you have to get this. Highly Recommended. Nuff said!

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