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Godessa Album Launch Review – Ira Goldstein


20 October 2002 No Comment

Friday night the 12th October 2002 ! As usual it was one of those
Friday Knights!
Friday nite fo Shiggadizzle!

It was me, Ira ” The Jew ” Goldstein and two hot rappers(not gay) from Drinkalot Records, Marco Polo and Anon X that sieged Mercury (formally The Jam). We got there and it was the mouth-pierced Claire (manageress of Godessa) who informed us that, whilst arriving at 10:55, Godessa will be bum rushing the show at 12:00( midnight). That gave us ample time to buy tequila shots and Amstel lager (a well finely femented, slow brewed beer). AFRICAN DOPE (the label, no not Carling Black label) didn’t have money for an open bar. (Man you should have seen the free alcohol at the New York Launch of NELLY’s latest album).

Now as a proud supporter of anything South African, (ya know: proudly South African) I was damn willing to pay the R30 ($3) entry fee to check out these fine assed honey dips from my city (Cape Town – murder capital of the world)! And yes, was it worth with it. Mucho Dagga (mary jane/weed/ganja) smoke was
polluting my Rothmans mild infested lungs as I proceeded into what was gonna be a THC chemically induced eve. Dub master China ( he used to have some good dagga) started to play some ragga from the likes of Bounty Killer and the likes to a half baked (packed) crowd. Which was mostly media and the like. Im sure I saw former DJ Syndicate employee Stacey there. And yes it was her. Damn, she done lost some weight but she still got ‘dem specs though! Anyhow I caught a glimpse of Evan Milton (from WOL) lurking in the shadows doing his usual smoozing of everybody and then I chatted to him later and he told me that he has been working like a dog and all types

Lions of Zion hit the stage in a cloud of smoke! With a dude smoking ganja out a coconut bong! Fuck man he must’ve erted his poes off! Dwayne and Bradley (Lions of Zion) and their friends gave us some of that geto gangsta ragga stuff. And boy was it good, it was wireless man, off the hook! So as we jammed to the Lions I was peeping out the asss that was shaking bootay like there was no tommorrow! Mo whites dough! No beef man, I like dem white meat but I like it when it is SMOKED!

GODESSA just blasted(KAPOOF) on to the stage like WOAH! (previous sentence contains an interpolation of WHOAH! as performed by BLACK ROB)
EJ (no comment) is the shit, man, she is tight on the mike (mic/microphone). She has talent in all areas this young princess has got it. It ain’t even phunny!
BERNI (no not bernini) surprised the hell out of me! Now you know my fellow Hanuka brothers won’t approve of my love for black sisters, but meat is meat and a yamaka wearing dude must eat.
SHAME (tight ass) is one very determined sister and she be bringing heat as if she be the Goddess of fire (peep greek methology). GODESSA performed various tracks which to my dissapointment might not be available on CD! Apparently BIG DRE got beef with my beautiful nubian queens?
DRE grow up dude and respect the sisters for doing some good shit and stop biting my shit! If you want to bite eat-sum-more biscuits!

Eight/ate/8 out of ten for the performance from the gals called GODESSA. They bring the heat like FDNY!

Cameron Diaz was in the house tooo! Yes she was and she was tight and blonde and the bomb! I followed her around whilst she was hanging with her
drunk and passed out “burg”(boyfriend/man/fuck buddy) , damn! This chickadee looked exactly like Ms. Diaz and damn she was fine! Well I didn’t get to
speak to her but I will meet her again! I’m sure I saw her at La Med in Clifton. Rozzano Davids DJ’ed and did some nepotism tactics by playing the
crews he is in charge of promoting, the whole night( ja Gary jou nai!) Shaheen from Bos(Bush) Radio was also seen doing the Nelly walk (similar
to Donald Duck) and then later seen rolling in his toppies hooptie(motor vehicle)

Well Ms. Diaz vanished and I did’nt meet up with supergirl, so … Ja another night fuckless, damn! Well Anon X left us there alone, while
he fucked off in his X5 home. So me and Marco Polo had to call UNICAB to get back to Ocean View drive, Fresnaye. So ja what more can I say?


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