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31 October 2002 No Comment

Gallo Record Company is proud to announce that the soundtrack to the SABC 1 show Gaz’lam will be available throughout the country on 11 November on CD and cassette.

Gaz’lam which means ‘blood that binds’ or brotherhood, follows the daily trials and tribulations of a group of 20 something’s who live in the dense heartland of Yeoville. The series explores love, sex and relationships within the context of the different lifestyles which have come to represent the urban melting pot. The main character is Sifiso (Siyabonga Shibe) from ZwaZulu Natal who comes to Johannesburg because the love of his life is about to be married to the local chief. Written and directed by Barry Berk, who directed the TV show ‘Yizo Yizo’ – Gaz’lam has caught TV goers by surprise. 

The soundtrack reflects the TV show in the way that it speaks of pertinent social issues. The message being passed on is valid and contemporary and is bound to hit home for many a South African audience member. Each track on the Gaz’lam soundtrack caters specifically for the show, and features some of the top artists in the South African entertainment industry. 

Another issue, which is tackled on the soundtrack as well as in the show, is the mingling of the traditional with contemporary music styles. Gaz’lam is bound to whet the appetite of any true music connoisseur as it experiments with many a unique music style, from hip hop to house to world to kwai-rock and R n B, making it accessible to almost anyone. 

Featuring Ishmael, a Phuzhekimisi house remix by Rudeboy Paul, Gommora (recent winners of the SABC1 Gumba Fire Talent Search), the sexy Nana, Nokhukhanya, S’bu and newcomers Baba Do. Also featured are Thembi, Speedy and Manaka, who also act in the show. Some of the artists featured on the Gaz’lam soundtrack help us to understand why we need to listen very carefully to the songs featured on this liberating soundtrack.

Thembi Seete (who plays Lerato in the TV series) comments – ” After Gaz’lam there will be a lot of talking in the houses all over the country. It’ll help parents to be open with their kids about love, sex and condoms.”  Speaking about her track she mentions that “this is a new style of music for me – since Gaz’lam is a Zulu drama series, we came up with a new style that Zulu people, in fact, everyone can relate to”. 

Manaka Ranaka (who plays Portia) explains why her song is so pertinent, with lyrics like “When I say I love you, doesn’t mean I have to spread my thighs
for you”

“As a young woman, I feel guys put a lot of pressure on us, like “C’mon baby I wont put it in too deep, and the next thing you’re pregnant or infected with an STD, so guys it’s about time you start listening to us” 

999 founder and kwaito king, Arthur uses his creativity to the utmost for his song As’shaye Lento – ” I wanted to create a song which crossed house, maskandi, kwaito and layering it with freestyling rugga. The song is about a young man, not unlike Sifiso, who comes from a small village in the rural area and comes to Joburg to seek fame and fortune and to fulfil his dream to become a music producer” 

The Gaz’lam soundtrack features 12 brand new tracks that was specially created for the soundtrack and is not available anywhere else. It will be released on 11 November through Gallo Record Company.


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