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Interview With Big Slim


15 November 2002 No Comment

So for the people out there who don’t know who Big Slim is, can you tell us who you are are, where you from and where you at?

Big Slim is an independent hip-hop artist out of Canada via Pasadena,California. That should be a household name in about 2 years so yeah, get the kid while he’s young.

Can you tell us what the scene is like there in Canada?

The scene out here in Canada is growing right now. You got alot of cats making moves out here, trying to break into the industry and then you got cats who are signed to canadian labels that are trying to break into the U.S … Alot of moves to be made and paper to be had.

Do you ever battle on stage?

I used to battle quite a bit in the streets and in competitions in Cali. I won a few radio contests back in the day and almost went to compete in the Blaze battle in 2000 but nothing too major. I dont focus as much on battling as much as I used too but that still dont mean I wont eat you alive.

Do you think people are intimidated by your height, especially on stage? Do you think it works in your favor coz it sure can make people notice you?

I dont know if my height works as an advantage in hip-hop. But when I played basketball in college it was a positive. I’ve heard story’s of my appearance intimidating little white guys but that’s about as far as it goes cause i’m a skinny dude.

Can we expect a full length album from you and will there be any featured artists on there?

I’m working on it right now as a matter of fact that should be out by either January or early February across Canada and some U.S states. The only people i’m looking at to be featured are probably my people from warparty or some singers, but i’m open to just about anyone if they got the skills/talent.

How long have you been involved in hip hop and who influenced you?

I’ve been involved in hip-hop for about 9 years now in a non-serious capacity but i’ve been knee deep in it for about 2 years now. What really influenced me early on in my life were artists like 2pac, Alkaholiks, Dr.Dre, Biggie, Scarface, there are alot more people but I dont wanna make this a 2 page interview.

“Then You A Hoe” for me is a tight track. What tracks were you feeling most on the EP?

“Then you a hoe” is definetly a dope track on the EP that everyone is feeling. Another one on there I really enjoy is “Mama” it’s a deeper track but the feelings I had when I was writing it is what makes it a favorite for me. And to tell you the truth I wrote 2 verses from “Then you a hoe” when I was using the bathroom.

Did you release anything else before this EP?

I had a couple basement tapes, recorded over a karaoke machine that I used to push on people for $2.00 in high school but nothing too mindblowing and worthy of going into deeper detail.

Where can people get your cd. Are you looking for a distribution deal?

That particular CD is available through my website at http://www.bigslim.cjb.net for $5.00, so dont hesitate to hit me up about that and we’ll get a copy to you ASAP. It’s also available at my shows and in stores in my area but that’s about it. As far as distribution goes i’m looking for it, but my management will handle all that.

What artists are you looking to work with in the future? What would be the killer Big Slim collaboration?

I definetly would like to do something with Royce Da 5’9 or Xzibit in the future and i’m actually gonna seek it out when the time comes. I think we could cook up something very successful. Another collab i’m looking for is Dr.Dre or Swizz Beatz … stay tuned, on that one though.

What frustrates you about this industry?

The overall struggle frustrates me, it’s hard to be an independent artist now’a’days. I mean there’s alot more resources then there were back in say 1994 or something but the overall struggle of opening doors, finding good managment, making money and maintaining that hunger is still there. Hip-Hop is a business and some people dont see that, cause all they see is the stage performance and the music, but it can get pretty frustrating sometimes.

Do you have any strange/funny story that you can share with us on the site that happened to you in this industry?

Well this one time at band camp … nah i’m playing … I got some stories but some kids might be reading this, so ya’ know.

It was great talking to you man, any last words or shout outs?

Yeah be on the lookout for the next Big Slim release in early 2003, it’s untitled so far but if I had to explain it’s content in one word it would be “WHOA!” … Shouts go out to the Warparty crew, Chapter One Management, My family & who ever else is working on advancing hip-hop in a positive way … One

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