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Direct from Arthur Kill Prison – MF Grimm


19 January 2003 No Comment

We had recently hooked up with MF Grimm to do an interview with him however he is currently serving time at the Arthur Kill Correctional Facility in New York.  He was kind enough to send his answers to our questions from prison in the form of a letter which arrived this weekend.  This emcee is currently confined to a wheelchair and has just released an extremely dope album “Downfall Of Ibliys” which features production by Metal Fingers, Count Bass D and many others.  Peep this EXCLUSIVE interview.

After coming such a long way how does it feel to finally put out a full length album?

It feels good even though I’m in jail.

Downfall of the Ibliys has received a 5 star rating from this site, the beats and flows are top notch. How has the media elsewhere received the album?

I’m thankful for any rating, the media has been kind to me, not everyone feel it’s a good album, some hate it, but they entitled to their own opinion.

I find that this is a timeless album, basically shit like this comes once in a blue moon. How long did it take you put this album out?

I made the entire album in 24 hours. 

If it was not for Hip Hop where do you think you’d be by now?

I think I’d be right here anyway (in jail), I have a thing with obeying the law.

You enlisted a lot of producers on this album. What was the criteria that you was looking for?

Loyalty, the producers on the album had faith in me.

Being confined to a wheelchair, do you ever get out to do live shows?

That’s funny! No one ever asked me that question! I have not done a live show in 9 years! Not since the wheelchair. You never know though. I mgiht surprise people.

What artists are you feeling right now? Anybody you’d like to work with?

Outlawz, Dead Prez, Public Enemy. My plans are to work with them all for my next album.

What is your fondest memory of Hip Hop? 

1993 because I was walking, doing shows and had a lot of money. And woman and cars. 2002 I have nothing. No walking, no shows, no money, no woman, but I have a car (my wheelchair). Don’t take this too serious, I’m laughing as I write this. Shit happens. You can’t stop it. You must keep going forward but 93 was a good year. 

You are the founder of Day by Day Ent, are you happy with how things are going at the moment?

Things are beautiful. Day by Day has grown up and is a strong force. I’m proud of Day by Day. DJ Fishe, and all my Day By Day artists.

As an independent artist what lesson can you give to others out there? What’s the first thing they should learn?

Contracts (law), budget/money should be right.

What tracks on the album are you liking the most?

Life and Death

And what track has people been saying is the dopest?

I don’t know.

Have you heard hip hop from the continent of Africa?

No, but I would love to, just call Mr Fisher, I will be released from prison in January 2003. Hook me up with emcee’s from the continent of Africa.

What singles are coming out on vinyl?

I don’t know, you must speak with Mr Fisher (we will, in the next interview – ED)

Thanks man, it was really good having the opportunity to talk to you, any last words?

Thank you for the interview. To all my brothers and sisters in Africa, I love you.

Note:  Head on over to Day By Day Entertainment’s Website for more info on MF Grimm.

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