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14 March 2003 No Comment

He just doesn’t stop. Our PE correspondent Rushay tracked down Mr Len and got him to answer some questions for AfricasGateway. Nuff respect. Check it out.

Len its lovely having you on africasgateway man whats up man?

Everything is cool, thanks for inviting me.

Company flow that was the birth of something beautiful man how did you guys get together?

We met through a mutual friend who was running an independent label. El-P and Juss were roommates at the time.

Imma say it loud “Fun Crusher Plus” that’s classic man from the artwork right down to beats what was the inspiration when doing that album?

Pure angst. We felt Hip Hop was stagnant and wanted to do our part to keep things in a forward movement. Besides that we wanted to be heard and respected.

Pity The Fool wanna tell us more about that album?

It was me excercising my musical freedom and showing I wasn’t a “one trick pony” (only being able to scratch hooks). I wanted to branch out as a producer of many styles and show my influences.

Man I see you rolling alot with our South African born sista Jean Grae what’s the working relationship like?

Jean is one of my best friends and working with her is really easy. We don’t have one uniform way to work so nothing feels the same. She is a talented writer and isn’t afraid to take chances which coincides with my attitude towards creating music.

You know cats always would like to know if we can expect a Company Flow collabo in the near future?

I’ll work with El and Juss separately but I don’t foresee a reunion anytime soon.

Im listening to “Black Out” now I swear ladies be having orgasms when that shit plays as far as Djing goes who are you feeling?

WOW!!!!!! Ladies getting off to Black Out….sounds like the pendulum is finally swinging in my favor. My musical taste is very diverse. As much as I love hip hop, it annoys me to listen to it all the time. I like Outkast, Gangstarr, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic, The Clash, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown. I
think you get the point.

Your site I like it man very interactive do you like actually go and post topics I think what’s good about the internet is that its alot easier for the artist to hear what the fans want how do you feel about the internet?

The site (dummysmacks.com) is new to me so I’m really geeked on it. I do post topics on the bulletin board as well as write somewhat regularly in “Vent City” and the “News” parts of the site. It means a lot to me that someone who listens to the music and is not a paid critic can give me feedback. I’m going to listen more to the people who actually paid for my music than the guy who got it for free as an assignment. If you’re forced to listen the end result ususally isn’t positive.

When is it that you hit South Africa up with with Bobbito, Jean Grae (What What) and yourself what was it like out here?

We came to South Africa late April of 2000. It was one of the best experiences of my life. To be greeted “Welcome Home” when you land in another country is an indescribable feeling. To be on the continent where it all started is a moving experience. I know its not all roses out there but its a BEAUTIFUL place to me.

What are your plans for 2003 I know you said you planning on coming out here again soon?

I would like to come back but its difficult setting up those shows. I can’t promise this year but I will say soon.

Man thanks for your time and effort any shoutouts disses you wanna dish out before you leave cos africasgateway believes in freedom of speech so go ahead man?

Love to all who need and deserve it.
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hit up Mr Len’s site www.dummysmacks.com 

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