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Interview with Supreme from Boot Camp Click


27 March 2003 No Comment

Rushay Booysen briefly spoke to Supreme about his upcoming project. Check it out.

Whats up Supreme welcome to the gateway of Africa how you man?

Thanks, I’m Good

Can you tell the people of Africa who Supreme is and what crew he rep?

I am a lyrical connoisseur, and a rap enthusiast straight out of Brownsville, Brooklyn N.Y. I Rep the BootCamp Click/Magnum Force Crew, and I am also 1/2 or the rap duo The Representativz, who in 1999 dropped our underground debut “Angels of Death” Lp.

Man them Boot Camp Click be kicking for a while now how did you hook up with those cats?

We all grew up together, or was associated with each other in some way. Steele (Cocoa Brova’s) and Top Dog (O.G.C.) are my cousins.

Man I know the first time I heard you was on that Boot camp click for the people album I think that was some nice issh right there?

Thanks man! “Watch ya step”. That was The Reps first joint.

As far as the whole Boot Camp Click goes who will you say inspired you the most?

Well I guess since Steel is my older cousin, he most definitely influenced me the most. Big Rock and I literally lived together for a while, so of course he also is responsible for preparing me to become lyrically adept. Overall though, everyone in the Camp influenced me.

So is all the BCC brethren centered around N.Y and as far as touring goes how is life on the road?

Yes everyone one is here in N.Y. Were all from Brooklyn. Touring is the Shit though. We love going on the road. Its hard being away from your loved ones, but it’s a blessing to be able to do what you love and get paid for it too.

Man you telling me about the new Lp you wanna release by summer whats up with that?

I’m working on it as we speak so look for that soon, but we’re going to drop an EP (5 to 8 cuts) or a Maxi Single (3 or 4 cuts) first. I should have a single out by late spring or early to mid summer.

What obscure visions you have of South Africa and the African continent as a whole?

Good Question. It’ a lot I could go into but what come to mind mostly is apartheid, the aids situation, and how my or our forefathers and ancestors we’re killed and sold into bondage some times by our own people. It’s a lot to swallow but its important that our people out there and over here have dialogue because if we don’t communicate we cannot address these problems. I could go on and on but that’s another interview.

Right now a lot of artist is coming to South Africa but I feel there is a need for heads from the states coming out here and hooking up with local heads what you think of that?

Yeah that’s what I was saying. We have to put our resources together on all fronts. I’d love to come to Africa, We could do a few venues out there featuring local artist as well as artist from the states. Give all the proceeds to help the Aids epidemic in Africa or some other appropriate cause. Ya know?

So when can we expect some Supreme shit?

If all gooes according to plan..No later than mid-summer.

Man I’m proud to be a South African hit the people up from Africa with ya final shout. Thanks for hooking up with me and doing this shit!

I want to Big up (shout out) all the people out in South Africa an Africa in general. Thank you homey, for allowing me to speak my mind and let the people know what’s popping with Supreme and Stay Focused Productions. Look out for the EP soon! I also want to big up my manager, Deezo West and the whole Deezo West Music staff. Yo, rugged man, lets do it again some time…Holla! Peace and Love.

Interview By Rushay

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