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Bill Yuns – Yun Stand Me? Da Interview


30 May 2003 No Comment

He recently blessed us with the single “What’s My Name” and can be seen doing shows around Seattle. He’s also the owner of Yun Stand Me? Records and will be releasing several albums together with EastSide Records. Peep the interview.

Hiya Bill Yuns how you doing these days?

I’m straight. just maintaining and working real hard trying to finish up my album.

I had the opportunity of checking out the tracks “What’s My Name” and “Bread Meat”. I checked on the single of the “What’s my Name” that’s it’s on your label “Yun Stand Me? Records”. Is your album going to be on Eastside or YunStandMe?

Actually my album will be on both labels Yun Stand Me? / Eastside Records. Big Bullet and I decided to collaborate all our resources to push this project.

How did you hook up with EastSide Records?

I hooked up with Bullet by e-mail and we exchanged #’s. We started chopping it up over the phone on a regular basis and everything has been moving forward from then. We did a couple shows together in Boise and Corvallis and it’s just beginning for us.

Are you from Seattle?

I was originally born in California and spent my youth their but I have been in Seattle for the past 11 years. I consider Seattle my home now.

So if people wanted to know what kind of person you are how would you define yourself?

I’m a real cat and I stick to my word. I work hard at everything I do and if I speak it, I mean it. I’m not trying to be something I’m not and I really don’t care about impressing anybody. Shit I’m just me. I think I said it best in the song Bread and Meat. “I’m real with it / That’s why you feel it when I spit it / You can hate it or embrace it / Either way you got to deal with it”

When is your album coming out and what can you tell us about it in terms of producers, guest appearances?

Well at this point there is no exact street date, but it will probably be released in mid summer. As far as appearances I have features from my Yun Stand Me? Family including Hypnotik, Chosen, Mycle, Tiff Wilson & Angwish. From Eastside I have Bullet and Big Ice.

In your area, how would you define the hip hop scene?

The hip-hop scene in Seattle hasn’t really been exposed to the world. If you go from town to town and mentions Seattle the first thing people think is Sir Mix-A-Lot. Really we have a real nice Hip-Hop scene in Seattle and it’s growing everyday. There is alot of talent in the Northwest and I have no doubt that our area will be blowin’ up real soon.

How did you get involved with hip hop?

I started out as a rap fan way back in 86 when RUN DMC dropped Raising Hell I use to memorize every lyric listening to MC’s like Rakim and Big Daddy Kane. From that point on I fell in love with the music. I really started to take it serious around 1990-91 right before I moved to Seattle. 

What is the best thing you experienced in this business?

I think the best thing I have experienced in the business is when people hear my music or see me perform and they tell you how much they like it. On the real when people respect what you do and enjoy it that is definitely the best reward for me.

And the worst?

The worst thing about the business for me is how shady people can be. Cats will smile in your face and then as soon as you turn around they will stab you in the back just to try and get a crumb. I hate that part of the business. I’ve learned to stay on my toes, look over my shoulders, and keep my ear to the street so I can avoid that shit.

What would make you laugh?

My son makes me laugh. Just watching him be a kid cracks me up.

What is Bill Yuns favourite foods and drinks?

I like southern food. Take me down south to Louisiana where they know how to cook and I’m happy. As far as the drink I like Hennessy and E&J. I take it straight with no chase.

In terms of touring what are you doing?

Right now I haven’t been touring much cause I have been focused on recording and finishing up my album. As soon as the album drops I will definitely be running all throughout the West Coast. WA, OR, CA, ID & parts of Canada.

What artists out there would you like to work with to make that perfect collaboration track?

I would like to work with Rakim, Nas, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Ludacris and Faboulous….

What artists piss you off?

There are alot of things that I don’t like about the industry, but I can appreciate what most artists do. That doesn’t necessarily mean I am a fan of all artists, but I’m not really in a position to knock anybody’s hustle.

I noticed that you also did some of the production on “What’s My Name?”. Are you heavily into producing? What producers out there do you appreciate?

I’m heavy into producing and I have been doing that for almost as long as I have been rapping. I appreciate producers like Dr. Dre, Jermaine Dupree, Pete Rock, DJ Premier and a list of others which is to long to name.

What gives you inspiration?

God, My family and my son. On the real, that’s where it all comes from.

What is the ultimate goal for you, like what would have to happen for you to say “I finally made it?”.

I think the ultimate goal would be to have a successful independent label with several certified platinum plaques.

Thanks for speaking to us, last words or shout outs?

Just want to say thanks for taking the time to talk with me and lace this interview up and give shots to Eastside Records and my entire Yun Stand Me? Family.

for more info: www.EastsideRiderz.com

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