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An Interview With Grahamstown Rapper Natolion


20 June 2003 No Comment

My man Kamma from G-Town got to speak to Natolion. Check the interview and also look out for his track appearing on the AG Compilation.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m from Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape my real name’s Antonio and my mc name is Natolion

For how long have you been a Mc?

When I was 12 years old I started writing Gospel but not for too long . At 15 I started rapping / Mcing and I have been doing all this for approximately 11 years. 

How old are you now and what do you do for a living and does it effect your progress as a Mc?

I’m 21 already. I was previously in school and currently I’m a casual worker at a supermarket but I like outdoor living because it gives me a chance to observe whats going on in the hood and every day living.

Who is your inspiration and why?

uh… it’s gotta be Tu-pac for his street wise lessons, Nas for his Philosophical and hood life lyrics, Common for his 
consciousness and Dead Prez for their to the point opinions and tight productions and Lost Boyz for their rhyming styles and productions.

The track too many, what inspired you to write that?

The troublesome times I experienced and my observations of what’s happening around me.

What is your other specialties besides Mcing?

Well… I beatbox to make a beat due to a lack of equipment but now there is people that have equipment I have access to and yeah I can make progress now.

What is your view about Eastern Cape, Grahamstown Hip-Hop scene?

The only Hip -Hop scene I know is my home town scene because of domestic situations I cannot afford to travel the Eastern Cape so I know hood life only, for now.

Is there something you would like to do for South African Hip Hop?

For the progress of S.A Hip Hop I would like to convey my style through the way i rap and that it is not so hard to write about your views in life even if i say it in the simplest way especially in a unique form “Come on write with me” something like that you see.

Do you have any other tracks beside too many and who did the vocals for you on this particular track?

Yes there is others that is in progress yet again a lack of equipment influenced the progress and I don’t have the ability to play a instrument cause I like live instruments and the person doing vocals for me on this track is my cousin Ian a.k.a “Tish” who is a very good vocalist and sings for a gospel group.

Do you get in touch with other Mc’s outside Grahamstown or nationally on a regular basis?

On a national basis, I hav’nt cause I never travelled but I am keen to work with other mc’s.

How did it happen that you decided to record ‘Too Many’ or is there something special about it?

The track was actually recorded for a talent show and I wanted to see if the lyrical content will draw a response from the audience

What music did you listen to growing up?

Well…I listened to gangster rap and conscious hip hop.

Is there any future collaborations that you have in mind?

Most definitely my cousin Tish the vocalist for his versatility meaning that he can sing Gospel,R&B and rap style (Natedogg)

Who is the tightest producers for you at the moment and why?

There is to many to mention to name a few is Dr dre’, Lord tamar , Eminem and more… Well every one’s got their flavor that I like.

What is your view on alchohol , substance abuse and and gang violence among today’s youth and do you think Hip Hop can solve this problems?

The abuse of substances and alcohol and mandrax fuel gang violence and have a negative effect on the youth.
I think Hip Hop can solve this problems cause it is like a sport which I think give you confidence in what you do best.

Thanks for granting us this opportunity to talk to us and is there any last words?

Thank you!! for interviewing me it was a priviledge, nah I don’t have any thing else I would like to say.


Ed’s Note: You can hear Natolion’s track on the upcoming Africa’s Gateway compilation.

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