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Graffiti Verite 4 Review – By Rush

22 June 2003 No Comment

The world is a canvas and I’m expressing my thoughts on your walls! I recently had the opportunity to peep out Graffiti Verite Volume 4, a 67 minute documentary on the art commonly referred to as graffiti. A well laid out movie starting with two time winner of the international graffiti art competition Sano writing some of his ideas in his book and explaining to us how you start with the concept of your piece and doing a ruff outline of it.

What looks like a early morning venture he walks us down to the beautiful beaches of what seems like Venice beach. What I like about the movie is that they not trying to come with fancy concepts but just plain down to earth filming with Sano the perfect teacher.

Local graf heads should peep this video out as its very helpful if you just starting out. His first showcase was the walls on the beachfront that firstly needed to be cleaned, he started with the outline explaining why he chose certain colours. The Sano letters started taking shape and what seemed simple became very complex. Sano gave us a broad overview of shaping letters, fill-in techniques and loads of other techniques that could be helpful in creating the next Michelangelo or even Sano as a matter of fact.

After what seemed more than a days work his piece was done and he went into explaining the whole concept behind it. The striking part for me was when he explained the bombing part on his piece, he is part Black and part Asian and said it was a dedication to his people that was killed in the bombing of Hiroshima. 

I was convinced that Cleveland has more to it than Bone Thugs and Harmony. His final piece was one that he was going to do on a canvas. It was of the late legendary rapper Tupac created solely with black and white spraypaint. I was convinced that this guy was a genius. I would like to convince all lecturers of art classes to get a copy of this for his students as it’s truly a great addition to have for your video library alongside other such greats as Wildstyle. 

Award winning filmmaker Bob Bryan truly captured every moment with such precision. If mics could be given to this video I would give it 5. Get ya MasterCard out and order this.

check out www.graffitiverite.com for more info on the GV series.

Movie reviewed by Rush.

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