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Fropick Interview – Hip Hop from Pretoria


23 June 2003 No Comment

I recently talked to Melanin from Fropick so check out the interview with this 40 member Pretoria based hip hop group. The interview features an mp3 snippet for you to download. Peep it!


Right Click and Choose “Save As” To Download

Can you introduce yourselves to the South African hip-hop community? Who are you, where you from and where you at?

Fropick, from the souls of several kindred minds

How long have you all been involved with hip-hop?

All our lives

What tracks have you released thus far?

Do I have to name them?

What got you involved with hip-hop, what were your influences?

To many to mention.

Do you think South Africa is going through a hip-hop explosion and if so what would you attribute that to?

Hip-hop isn’t exploding, its just that that people are opening their minds and hip-hop’s is their instrument of expression.

What South African emcees are you feeling right now and why?

All the emcees that are trying to create something, and there are mad emcees like that out there, so if I started writing a list I’td probably take up the whole interview.

In terms of production what producers are you feeling (international and local) and why?

Listen to one of Nyambz’s beats and u decide!!

Do you guys ever battle, if so what have been your most memorable and worst?

We don’t battle we eat emcees; we got mean, mean mean battle emcees.
Memorable: Any battle with Man-d-la, Rasmonk or Infernal Thought.
Worst : When Lyrical battles turn physical

Where does the name “Fropick” come from?

The fropick is the original African comb and we thought by naming ourselves after such an icon we would be representing the original form of the art since we created hip-hop. 

What is the intention of “Fropick”, what is the purpose of this group existing?

Fropick is basically an idea; our intention is to make beautiful music.

Where would you like to see yourselves in 2 years time?

In 2 years we should be literally 2 years older, hopefully the music will also mature.

Are you guys open to collaborate with other emcees/producers?


Which artists would you really like to collaborate with?

We’d like to collaborate with so many cats.

What do you think South Africa needs for hip-hop to grow even more?

More kindred minds

What would you say is the main obstacle right now for your group?

Medusa turned half our clique to stone and we have to find the Cyclops ruby to turn them back to flesh!!

What do you guys rhyme about?

The symmetry of the universe traveling on a distinctive eternal loop, and gummy berry juice.

In terms of production, what equipment/software are you using and how do you approach producing a track (do you sample?)

We have to have some secrets I suggest you send spies. [spies are on the way -ed]

Are you guys signed or are you releasing your stuff independently?


If you could choose to tour, would you do it nationally or internationally? What would give you more satisfaction?

As long as the people we spit to feel our shit, it doesn’t matter.

If people had to meet you for the first time what would their impression be of you?

Aim for the eyes!!!

What does the “Fropick” guys do for a living, do you guy’s study/work?

We live through our music, but our real occupations are shrouded in mystery.

If people want to get in touch with you guys, for collaboration, or to check out some of your music, how would you like them to get in contact with you?


Your top five albums of all time?

I could just go on

When can we expect an album and what can you tell us about it?

Expect Rasmonks Ep soon.  Entitled “Ramsies The 3rd”.

Do you guys perform live?


Thanks for talking to us, do you have any last words or shout outs?

Man-d-la, Sceptre, Ramshock, Dilema, Infernal Thought, Black Substance, Exorcist, Mycbeth, Zwen, Metaconpoint, Scav, Toxic-mist, Killogram, Iceburg, Paranorm, Ayanda and Syntax.

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