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Interview With Lord Cyrus – By Rush


26 June 2003 No Comment

In this interview I’m gonna enter the unentered ground getting down with this cat Lord Cyrus asking him about hip hop in Baltimore, yes I said Baltimore, finding out who knighted him Lord Cyrus and catching a glimpse into his sound . Check this one out.

Oh my lord. Don’t be shy hit the people up who Lord Cyrus is what he stands for and where he reps? 

What up Lord cyrus is hip-hop man in the essence. I stand for truth in or out the booth. Just trying to add on to this great and precious yet very tarnished artform.

Don’t you think its lovely how this hip hop shit is connecting us?

Yea man hip-hop has allowed me to touch people all across the globe especially in Europe. I work closely with some cats over there they are on my team you could say.

I like abstract questions let me see where I can take it on this next question. Ok I always thought the Lord is some cat in a white robe lounging in heaven just to find out he some black dude from the states when was he created and what is it that attracted him to hip hop?

Lord Cyrus was created in about 91 but my man Charisma gave me the name you know I was sort of like the leader of our foundation. I put the whole Infinite Description project together. I was always drawn to hip-hop since the first time I heard it. I loved it. I wanted to create when I saw this kid name slaughter that used to hang with my cousin start freestyling off the top he was a dj but real nice with it. That was really my inspiration to start flipping my own peices. I always wanted to be a part of it though. I was like a transformation around my way everybody would tag, evrybody popped and break danced, and by the mid eighties i was emceeing. it was all a part of the culture and b-boying.

We gotta speak about Baltimore man shit there hip hop in Baltimore tell us about hip hop in the land of DRU?

Aight don’t get that twisted Dru Hill got there name from a popular park which is all good cause they represented home like that. Hip-hop in b-more has come a long way. There was a time if you were a local emcee on the scene that people weren’t trying to hear from you. The locals flocked to club music and really hated hip-hop. There were a select few that lurked in the murky underground trying to keep hip-hop in b-more alive. Thanks to stations like 88.9 Morgan State University that has the show strictly hip-hop from 12am-5am it gave us some light. It was basically the college scene that kept the scene alive. The cyphers too at the harbor, charles station,etc… help us build an underground army. It’s so much talent there that is not noticed. We’ve been here though with groups like the z3mc’s that had the song out on sleeping beauty records with dj Cheese that’s still sampled and on break beat records. The Numarks which CEO president of Def Jam records Kevin Liles used to be in (K.G.). Sweet Cookie, MC EC (rest his soul) Level 4, and I could go on and on naming groups but we’ve always been here.

You define your style as underground can you tell me what you would describe as being underground?

Underground is term just saying that we dont get the publicity of a mainstream act. So that’s we we get underground music because its not what there playing on popular radio. Mostly without radio play, video, or proper promotion. Its underground because most people who dont check for you will never hear of you without research and your music is not readily available on many store shelves if any.

Lets go check ya releases out I got a copy of “Hearts of Diamonds” an E.P when was that released and how long was the process of creating it?

I started preparing that I would say in May of 2002. It wasn’t intended to be released initially I was trying to get some kind of small indie deal. When that didn’t go through I just decided to release it myself to try to get my name out. It took about 6 months to get everything done I would say. I also got the dreamz 12″ I thought I sent that to you too and I got a 12″ I recorded in 94 with my group Infinite Description on the now dysfunctional Descriptive Entertainment.

Can you give us names of some cats you worked with and who is currently doing your production for you? 

Aight lets see Craig rip thats my right hand man, Cadence of Raw Produce, Muneshine of Lightheaded, Tyjilla, Soul Scientist, Nervous Reck, the Coyoteman, Artsthebeatdoctor, Fradulence, Tunebeats, Unagi, the Avid Record Collector, EJ from B-more, King Verse, Fusionunlimited, J-funk and I’m waiting on a beat cd from Jon Doe of Prophetix, and J-scienide of the Lost n Found Department.

Are you still down with DDam records and any new release that’s coming out soon?

Yea DDAM records is my label and we still have the Diamonds r 4ever jump off that should be dropping in about 3 weeks.

You got a site up any links that people can hear what Lord Cyrus sounds like?

Yea man ya’ll can check some of my stuff at www.lordcy.cjb.net, www.mp3.com/lordcyrus, www.soundclick.com/lordcyrus, www.zebox.com/lordcyrus, http://lordcyrus.iuma.com, I’m also at www.rapstation.com.

How do you feel about the whole Mp3 revolution are you against it?

Man I love it. That’s free promotion for artist its like a demo on line.

Thanks for getting down and doing some shit for africasgateway please drop us with some shouts?

God first and foremost, My lovely wife and daughters, my fam and everbody that supported me. dj craig rip i found him on line and he basically became my sound, cadence, muneshine, braille, quite nyce, boba fatts, fradulence, tunebeats, alexander perez, matic, royal flush, ej, complex(quote 35), mck2, dj fisher, mf grimm, bomm shetuh, king verse, Arts the beat doctor, arcane, dj p-funk, bumrush good looking duke i got something special coming so stay tuned, unagi thanks for blessing me duke, NC, B-more, Holland, and anybody that copped the dreamz 12″ and the Hearts of Diamonds ep. Rush for reaching out and giving a brother a opportunity and anybody that’s doubting just keep watching cause you might miss something, anybody I forget I’ll holla later peace to all Cyrus.

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