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An Interview With Pigeon John


28 June 2003 No Comment

We recently spoke to Pigeon John who’s album “Clueless” recently got released on Syntax Records. Now he is getting set to release “Pigeon John is Dating you Sister” which will be out August 26th 2003. Check the interview out as we try and find out exactly what he’s all about.

First let me congratulate you on a dope album, how you doing these days man? 

Man I’m doing good…doing shows with Redcloud and just trying to promote “Clueless”.

I listen to your album and cannot help but want to thank you for your creativity. How do you approach writing your songs?

Taking baths is a priority…getting the candles lit to perfection…then the taking off of the shirt is mandatory…that’s when I listen to what I wrote, just the music and start humming to the beat trying to find the path…the path that everyone’s not hearing…the one that got left out.

What is your favorite song on the album, I know you can love every track but if somebody held a gun to your head and forced you to choose one which one would it be and why?

I’d say “The Chase” would be my favorite right now, Tim at Syntax did a great job with the music and it was so easy the hear the words coming.

What track/s gives you an adrenaline rush when you perform?

I think “Clueless” will be a mainstay in my set…I love doing that one. The way the hooks comes in is always fun.

Would you define yourself as a Christian emcee?

No, I’m not participating in the drawing of lines and calling things “christian” or “secular”. We sound like idiots to the world when we say we do Christian rap…it makes no sense…we need to a a part of what’s going on in hip hop, not Christian hip hop, but hip hop….we seriously sounds dumb claiming that in clubs…the regular scene has no idea who we are…and that’s because we separate ourselves like scared punks and stay safe only performing in churches and having no relevance in hip hop, period.

Why and how did you hook up with Syntax? 

I wanted my cds to be everywhere…including bookstores cause I know some kids only shop there and Syntax was very cool about signing an album deal…big up to Syntax!

What other labels and artists are you feeling out there? 

I’m feeling Battle Axe, Hiero Imperium and Basement Records…just indy doing what they love and making a name for themselves…Stones Throw too…they are looking forward….and groups? I love Slum Village and Jay Dee, Mad Lib and others the procussions are doing it right.

How did you become involved with hip hop? 

Kday, Btwice and the “Miami Vice” TV show got me into music…hip hop and pop….just being around it in Inglewood in the 80’s…

How did your name come about?

Ronald Reagan gave it to me when I met him in 86.

As far as touring goes where have you been and where you planning to go?

I’ve done around 8 national tours and one Canadian tour…and I’m planning on going overseas to London and Japan!

Do you see violent hip hop as a reflection of the environments those rappers grow up in or do you see it as a marketing scheme for people to buy the music since sex and murder seems to sell well? 

Both…and you can smell when it’s real are just some marketing plan…sex and murder sells….it’s just a fact.

Does Pigeon John have any music videos?

I just finished “Cheerleaders” the video and I am shooting “Life Goes On” the new single off “Pigeon John Is 
Dating Your Sister” next week!!!! Those 2 vids will be out before August!

What do you want the listener to gain when checking out your cd?

Just a personal exchange…a hand shake to let them know they are not alone.

What do you consider to be the characteristics of a good emcee? 

The flow, the words, the song and the show…4 things that need to be great to be a great mc…..

What was it like for you growing up?

It was very different…alot of traveling and seeing different shades of people…Nebraska to Inglewood was a jump…I experienced racism on both sides, being bi-racial…

What food can you not say no to?

Taco Bell of course…direct from the sweaty hands of God…tb forever!

What’s your all time favourite book/s?

“Subterainians” by Jack Kerouac and “The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis…very touching and human….dreadfully human.

Did you ever get involved with emcee battles?

No not really..when I started going to the good life, an open mic in South Central, we used to battle for the best song of the night…the best performance…if you blew up the night you’d get so much love…it was definitely a competition and if they didn’t like your song you’d get booed quick…I think that’s what’s helped me write and perform better than anyone on this blessed planet!

What’s your fondest memory of hip hop? 

In Inglewood in the 80’s the first time I heard hip hop come out of the portable radio, while I swam in the complex’s pool…I was a wet, warm brown noodle of a boy who turned to look at what was playing…I couldn’t describe it…it over took me….the song was Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”…classic hip hop.

And worst, the kind of memory that makes your stomach turn? 

When I fought B Twice and poured a huge glass of red Kool Aid all over his brand new white members only jacket…hip hop had betrayed the family and Bruce Lee was finally dead….white people are pure.

What is next for Pigeon John or are you still clueless? 

“Pigeon John is Dating you Sister” will be out August 26th on Basement records/The Telephone Company…and I’ll be touring all around the world supporting it…the new video single will be out late july…it’s called “Life Goes Nn”!!! I’m excited to share this record with my fam!

Thanks for talking to us, do you have any last messages? 

Always buy plenty of frozen hot dogz…you never know when we might go to war.

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