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‘Africa On Your Street’ BBC Web Site – Taking Submissions

20 November 2003 No Comment

‘Africa On Your Street’ is a new, soon-to-be-launched BBC web site which will celebrate the diversity of African music and create a community of African music-lovers. Get all the details here to get your music on this very high profile website.

The site, part of BBC Radio 3’s ‘World On Your Street’, will act as a portal page to African music content across BBCi, and will feature profiles of African musicians, CD reviews, concerts-on-demand, music features and much more.

The website will be ‘hosted’ by a number of African hosts on a weekly rotation. One of these hosts is JJC (aka Skillz). The London-based, Nigerian-born artist has established himself as a mainstream producer working with UK urban acts such as Big Brovaz (who he also founded), Liberty X, Lemar and so on. But JJC is also an African hip-hop artist and wholeheartedly supports African hip-hop from Africa and the Diaspora, as well as other urban music genres made by Africans. Hence he will be the African hip-hop specialist for ‘Africa On Your Street’.

To be featured on this very high-profile site please send your promos to:

Ilka Schlockermann
Ref.: Africa On Your Street
PO Box 31876
London SE17 2ZB

Please make sure you include a bio (or some brief information about yourself), plus if possible a web site and info on where and how people can purchase your music.

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