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Jurny Big – Biggest Of Them All Biography

30 November 2003 No Comment

Never satisfied with preaching to the converted, Jurny Big has spent the past 20 years preaching the gospel and discipling many of underground hip-hop’s up and coming superstars. On this, his long awaited solo project, Jurny Big opens up to reveal two decades of passion, struggle, triumph, and enviable mic skills.

Raised in the first wave of California hip-hop, Albert Olguin AKA Jurny Big faced a life-altering choice—follow the drug-induced example of his father or the Christ-influenced example of his cousin and uncle? Having chosen the later, Jurny and his cousin Dax went on to form one of the most formidable duos in the annals of hip-hop history, LPG. Most fans who have followed this undeniably talented pair know their fearlessness in the face of adversity and their rage against the cultural conformity and weak artistry that threatens hip-hop culture. What many haven’t heard are the stories that go on behind the scenes.

On Biggest of Them All, Jurny reveals all sides of his story- the good, the bad, the ugly, and the Truth. With captivating barebones precision, Tunnel Rats producers Dert, Jerms, and Donovan concoct a creative soundscape that is both catchy and hard, allowing Jurny to go deeper than most MCs dare. Biggest offers vivid, personal stories of Jurny’s youth and the complex challenges of becoming a man he and the Lord can be proud of. In the midst of those stories Jurny proudly remains an old school MC from the streets who can’t resist the chance to bomb a head-nodding street beat with MC battle-tested punchlines that tease and taunt, sometimes with aggression sometimes with humor. A talented and complex man, Jurny not only has the lyrical skills to out-perform or freestyle most half his age (and he’s obviously up for a friendly battle at the drop of dime); but he is also a mature man willing to let his scars bring glory to the Father. 

Not every soldier was made to fight, not everyone who raps is supposed to hold a mic. Listen closely to the words of a man called to do both. Fans of LPG, Eminem, MOP and the Clipse will flock to the furious lyrics and sound unleashed by this legend of Christian hip-hop.

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