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Inside Hip Hop DVD Review – By Rush

16 December 2003 No Comment

Lets imagine I’m Marcos Antonio Miranda and I was given the job to direct a DVD release named Inside Hip Hop. What is it that I would be wanting to give viewers the inside look off? Well, the DVD gives us a look into the business side of the hip hop game.

Hosted by none other than Fatman Scoop it takes us right into the offices of some of the games biggest names. We talking the likes of Russell Simmons, Damon Dash, Mona Scott, Steve Rifkind and many more big players who know what it means to be a successful entrepreneur. 

Let me tell you one thing. These peoples lives revolve around money. Even some of the hardest underground cats who claim “f**k money” are lying when they say they not doing it for the money. You need the shit to sustain your life okay! 

Inside Hip Hop focuses on the people who write out the cheque’s for those artists that you adore so much. If you a artist who is looking to expand your trade to more than just street cipher deals and want to learn what it is that goes on behind the doors of Def Jam, Violator and Def Jux this is a good watch.

The interviews with the founders and C.E.O’s of major record labels reveal the challenges and achievements each experienced to reach the top of the mountain. These guys deliver inspirational stories and makes you realise it’s people like these whose vision helped swamped the world with a new musical genre not to mention a new cultural revolution called hip hop!

At times the discussions are too long and you tend to lose some of the knowledge that is spread out but overall I would say it is a good release for a person wanting to find out more about the business side.

Running at 88 minutes it’s just long enough to keep brain cells intact leaving you wanting to write more rhymes so that you can get a deal.

audio: dolby digital 2.0 stereo
aspect ratio: 1.33.1 fullscreen
year: 2003
distributor: Image Entertainment
language: English
subtitles: none
running: 88 mins


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