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A Rising NY Giant – Aesop Rock – Biography

24 December 2003 No Comment

“If you wake up to the sound of helicopters bumping Wagner / Its body-cast to Pilates class / Rumble in a Bronx back alley batting cage with bottles smashed / Drag them prophecies, be them Celestine or Mothman/ to the bumper-boat monster mash”- Intro

It’s Aesop Rock time, again. The eclectic rhyme-sayer who burst onto the radar with his universally acclaimed Definitive Jux debut album Labor Days and then followed it up with the anthemic EP Daylight, returns to reclaim the truth and hand out lyrical beat downs to those who stole the up-rock and buffed the trains. Over four albums of futurized funk, Aesop Rock has been blowing minds with detail-driven narratives and dexterity defying word play. From the early records Music For Earth Worms, Appleseed and Float to the masterful Labor Days, his singular voice has filtered tales of Lower East Side city life through a highly personal lens. And that voice has reached out and touched an enormous amount of people. Surprisingly, while his last two efforts were legitimate underground hits (moving more units than most indie artists, hip hop or otherwise, do in their entire careers) Aesop went into near seclusion for most of the time, avoiding the spotlight that was desperately seeking him out.

“Isn’t it strange how it’s a fad to bite your idols when the whole reason you liked them is because their shit wasn’t recycled?” – Frijoles

Now, with his highly anticipated new LP Bazooka Tooth, Aesop Rock brings it back to the golden age of hip-hop originality, but this certainly ain’t retro. Like the early concept-driven, progressive and personal hip-hop of De La Soul, Ultramagnetic MC’s, Boogie Down Productions and, today, MF Doom and Ghostface Killah, Aesop Rock has that classic ability to craft records with eternal shelf life, each listen revealing a new dimension. On any Aesop Rock record there are endless genius one-liners that remain stuck in the brain and become living mantras for legions of fans. With his new opus, he has once again broken the creative barrier. Having produced nearly the entire album himself, Bazooka Tooth is an amazing expression of one man’s artistic vision and raises the bar for everyone else in the rap game. 

“They’re like ‘What’s up with the name’ / I tell ‘em ‘Y’all made Bazooka Tooth, I was about to ask the same’ / But before you curfew the city and shut down every block / I’d like to say ‘I’m still Aesop the Fuck out of the Rock’ like…” — Freeze

“Freeze”, the first shot from Bazooka Tooth, is vintage Ace Rock – blazing production and lyrics with unequaled descriptive and personal flair – and will immediately silence any doubters. Then there’s the rest of the album, which also features cameos by El-P, Mr. Lif, Cannibal Ox and Camp Lo. Damn. It’s easy to see and hear why this MC/producer has achieved icon status in the world of indie hip-hop and fortunately, he’s stayed clear of the politics that success often brings and now he’s ready to break it wide open. With one of the most rabid and devoted fan bases in indie hip hop, Aesop returns the love with 70 minutes of lyrically explosive brain funk. Having set fire to the underground with his albums, classic guest appearances, unforgettable freestyles and live shows worldwide, Aesop Rock is ready to take his place as the newest and brightest star in the Definitive Jux constellation. With a monster record, videos for “Freeze” and “No Jumper Cables” (an homage to the legendary graffiti film Style Wars featuring original footage from the movie) in the can, an epic press campaign and major tour in the offing – its clear that its Aesop’s time to shine.

Aesop Rock will be touring worldwide this fall and winter. 

“I’m a thread the needle / Just for my people…/ Breaker 1-9 / 9-11-01 witness / Make noise If You get this… ” – N.Y. Electric


Bazooka Tooth
Released: September 2003
Format: CD, 2xLP

The highly anticipated follow up to Labor Days and the Daylight EP. Featuring Camp Lo, PFAC, El-P, and Mr. Lif. Produced by Aesop Rock, Blockhead, and El-P.

Track Listing:
Bazooka Tooth 
N.Y. Electric 
Limelighters (feat. Camp Lo) 
Funkaholic Interlude 
Super Fluke 
Cook It Up (feat. P.F.A.C.) 
Honyecomb Interlude 
We’re Famous (feat. El-P) 
Babies With Guns 
The Greatest Pac-Man Victory In History 
11:35 (feat. Mr. Lif) 
Ketamine U.S.A. Interlude 
Kill The Messenger 
Mars Attacks 

Released: October 2002
Format: EP

Track Listing:
Night Light 
Nickel Plated Pockets 
Alchemy ft. Blueprint 
Forest Crunk 
Bracket Basher 

Labor Days
Released: September 2001

That noise you hear, like the rumbling orchestra of the F train barreling down New York City’s 2nd Avenue, is none other than the sound of ‘Labor Days’, the forthcoming album by rising indie hip hop star, Aesop Rock. Once again teaming up with production partner Blockhead, Aesop brings his rhymes to life with a soundtrack that veers from the underground funk of the lead single ‘Coma’ to the stuttering drum and bass of ‘Save Yourself’ to the spaced-out melodic thump of the title track. And yes, you can even dance to it. Lyrically, Aesop’s sheer ability, creativity, and tenacity shine like never before, and let you know why this is one of the most anticipated records in indie hip hop. Aesop has put in hours of work, now let’s all reap the fruits his of labor.

Track Listing:
Save Yourself 
No Regrets 
One Brick feat. Illogic 
The Tugboat 
Bent Life feat C Rayz Life feat. C Rayz Walz 
The Yes and the Y’all 
9-5 ers Anthem 

Coma 12
Released: July 2001
Format: 12

One of NYC’s fastest rising indie hip hop artists, Aesop Rock has built a rock solid rep thru releases on Mush (Float) and independently (Appleseed). The newest addition to the Def Jux squad delivers on his promise with Coma, his first release on Def Jux. With the album Labor Days due this fall, Coma will keep you gasping for more.

Track Listing:
Coma (Dirty) 
Coma (Clean) 
Coma (Inst.) 
Maintenance (Dirty) 
Maintenance (Clean) 
Maintenance (Inst.)

Visit http://www.definitivejux.net/ for more information.

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