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Sun R.A. – Global Warning – The Biography

24 December 2003 No Comment

Hip Hop isn’t all about disrespecting women and excessive riches. Thanks to MC’s like Nas, Wu-Tang, Mos Def, etc, we’re moving back toward lyrics with substance. Sun R.A. never lost his artistic vision, and he couldn’t have picked a more appropriate time to present his long awaited album “Global Warning”.

“Look at the title”, Sun R.A. says of his most important release to date. 

“This album is here to warn the world. Some times we push things out of our minds. We know the problems are there, but we choose to put them in that category of ‘that’s just the way it is’. I’m trying to change that frame of mind, ’cause that’s the first step in changing the world.”

His mission is assisted by a fresh crop of producers from around the world including his close friend 7wounds (Maryland / NYC), Alkota Trackz (Alaska), Origen (Pittsburgh), and Rendesten (Denmark), who Sun R.A. describes as “A straight up prodigy”. And of course the One Man Army takes over the board self-producing 5 of the album’s 22 tracks.

Today, the Pittsburgh, PA born MC is focused on shaking up current events. “If this album brings a positive change, to even one person, I’ll be satisfied”, explains R.A., “Global Warning is real, this ain’t a gimmick or a get rich quick scheme. This is my soul poured into a compact disk.” 

Lyrically, few can express their views like Sun R.A.. On the innovative concept song “GOD”, Sun rhymes from the perspective of the creator looking down on earth over a beautiful Rendesten production 

“Lookin down upon my creation of people/they all are equal but their laws are evil/ elevating brother over brother, no one before the other/ my commandments abandoned, moral famine”. 

Later on the eerie “Dednim Lanimirc” (Criminal Minded spelled backwards), R.A. speaks from the perspective of perpetrators committing horrifically violent Crimes. And “Stars and Bars” perfectly exemplifies Sun R.A.’s metaphorical skill as he describes the 13 stripes in the American flag as Bars “that imprison the mind”. Displaying his versatility, the albums lead single, “Get Live” finds R.A. spitting over a Midwest flavored bounce track that guarantees to have even the stiffest cat in the place nodding their head. 

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