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Moodphase5ive and Mizchif – Independent Armchair Theatre – Observatory

27 January 2004 No Comment

7venlox Entertainment presents their first event for the year 2004 featuring a performance by funk/soul/hip-hop/jazz outfit Moodphase5ive and renowned hip-hop artist Mizchif, at the Indepenent Armchair Theatre, Observatory, on Saturday 31th January 2004.

Moodphase5ive makes a return to the Mothercity’s live music circuit having been absent while recording a new album and some members being blessed with joys of parenthood. As with all highly soulfilled Moodphase5ive performances, the audience will be exposed to the vocals of Lady E, the lyricism of D Form with the music accompaniment of Ricardo Moretti on keys, Douglas Armstrong on guitar and trumpet, Bood Carver on bass and Brian de Goede on drums. 

Following years of living in Johannesburg Mizchif returns to stage in the Mothercity, the town that saw his adolescence in the hip-hop industry. Hot off a publicity campaign following the release of yet another solo album, Mizchif will on the night, deliver gems from past and current albums. 

Live acts such as these deserves a DJ lineup to equal or better. DJ’s in the firing line on the night will include Dub Masta China, D Form and Real Rozanno. The evening’s activities start at 9pm while R40 gets you through the door. 

For more information on the event and featured artists contact 7venlox Events on 072 695 9212

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