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Vintage Imperial – From Atlanta – The Biography

22 February 2004 No Comment

Vintage Imperial is the amazing hip hop duo from Atlanta, Ga. It consists of producer/dj/emcee S.L. One and Emcee Kid Kaos. The group started in 1998 when the two met in an Atlanta area high school and instantly clicked. With an awesome live show they built a buzz in the city by performing with underground legends such as MF Doom, Akrobatik, Breeze Evahflowing (Blaze Battle/ MTV), Mass Influence, and Maspyke.

In 2000 they released there first full length album “Imperialism” which was sold at live shows. By the summer of 2002 the duo released their first 12 inch record. The release featured the songs Mic Club/Boiling Point/ Combining Rhymes part 2 and instantly became an Atlanta underground classic. Receiving airplay on all Atlanta college radio stations from WREK 91.1, WRFG 89.3, and becoming a part of regular rotation on WRAS 88.5. 

After building the buzz in Atlanta the 12 inch was picked up by TRC Distribution in San Francisco and Boiling Point Distribution in New York to be distributed across the world. During the summer of 2002 Vintage Imperial’s name could be seen all over radio charts from New York, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Japan, Germany, Sweeden, and London. In New York City Combining Perfect Rhymes 2 was played so much on Bobbito’s “Cm Famalam Radio Show” on 89.9 that he had to retire it. By December of 2002 Vintage Imperial was voted as one of the top 10 records to have in 2002 from Georgia State Universities WRAS 88.5fm listeners. Vintage Imperial made an impressive debut on the Internet as well being featured and sold on www.undergroudhiphop.com and www.sandboxautomatic.com in the U.S. and being sold in Europe on www.digalittledeeper.com as well as receiving a countless number of spins on internet radio. From August to November of 2002 Vintage Imperial sold nearly 2,000 records without any print promotion from magazines and without a music video.

Fast forward to March 2003, Vintage Imperial celebrates their second 12 inch release. This time around the songs Terrible, You Don’t Want No More, You Don’t Want No More REMIX all produced by S.L. One are featured. On March 25th, 2003 Vintage Imperial celebrated the release of this record in Atlanta and hopes to continue across the world spreading the word. Look out Hip Hop as you know it has officially been changed!
Whats Next?

Vintage Imperial has recently finished recording their sophomore album entitled “Synergy” which will be released in 2003. Solo projects from kid kaos and S.l. One will follow.

For more on Vintage Imperial be sure to visit: www.vintageimperial.com
For Booking and Distribution contact: vintageimperial@hiphopsite.com or kid kaos at (404) 734-8499.

Read what the critics have to say: 

Voted one of Top Ten 12-inchs to have in 2002 by WRAS 88.5 fm. 

“The beats on this are just disgusting.” altrap.com

“The music grabbed me as soon as it came on.” Southeasthiphop.com

“Vintage Imperial do offer a strong 12″ that fits into the best of hip hop traditions of good beats and good rhymes.” Urbansmarts.com

“One of the most complete joints I’ve heard this year.” Undergroundhiphop.com

“Remember those Kellogg’s ceral variety packs back in the day? Well…this record is sorta like those, no matter what you are looking for, it’s got it.” Jake Paine manhunt.com

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