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Underworld Party At Carfax with Bionic, Redwood and Blaze – Feb 27


25 February 2004 No Comment

The foundations of Jo’burg music & club culture will tremble with a groundbreaking party at Carfax next Friday, February 27, to celebrate the upcoming release of “vampires vs. werewolves” thriller UNDERWORLD. Some of the most successful and respected underground DJs in SA today will get together for an eclectic and very unique bash presented by DVG Events & Ster-Kinekor Pictures. In the spirit of UNDERWORLD (at cinemas nationwide on March 5), the event boasts two dancefloors featuring two diverse (though interlinked) musical styles: Deep House (Vampire Lair-floor) and Hip Hop (Werewolf Cavern-floor).

Complimenting the excitement of launching a movie with such a special pre-release event is a DJ line-up that demands supremacy. Two of the reigning superstars of the local deep house scene, Stuart Hillary and Brett Jackson, will rule over the “Vampire Lair”. Bionic and Redwood, two of the country’s most prolific Hip Hop DJs, will dominate in the “Werewolf Cavern”. 

For centuries, two races have evolved hidden deeply within human culture – the aristocratic, sophisticated Vampires, and the brutal, feral Lycans (werewolves). To humanity, their existence is no more than a whisper of a myth. But to each other, they are lifelong mortal rivals, sworn to wage a secret war until only one race is left standing. UNDERWORLD (the movie) is set in the midst of this ongoing struggle. A Vampire warrior, Selene (Kate Beckinsale), discovers a Lycan plot to kidnap a young human doctor. After shadowing Michael (Scott Speedman) through the city, she forms an unprecedented bond with him, and when the Lycans make their next move, Selene is there to try to fend off their vicious assault. As she races to save Michael and unravel the Lycan plot surrounding him, Selene discovers a secret that has terrifying repercussions for both tribes – a plot to awaken a new invincible species of predator that combines the strengths of both creatures and the weaknesses of neither, which threatens to tip the balance of power in favour of the werewolves, who have been on the losing end of the struggle for centuries. 

Kate Beckinsale (SERENDIPITY, PEARL HARBOR) and Scott Speedman (DARK BLUE, TV’s “Felicity”) star in a sweeping tale of deadly action, ruthless intrigue and forbidden love, all set against the backdrop of an ancient feud between the two tribes in a timeless, Gothic metropolis. Ster-Kinekor Pictures will release UNDERWORLD at South African cinemas on March 5. 

DJs Stuart Hillary and Brett Jackson will ensure that the deep house grooves flow in the “Vampire Lair” at UNDERWORLD – The Party next Friday (Feb 27). The music industry fluctuates and changes all the time. Stuart Hillary is one of the few artists to stay one step ahead of the rest by innovation and by setting trends musically, whether it is on the dance floor, in the studio, or in his CD releases. Stuart’s aim is to provide “proper” House Music and not to play the “classics” but to create them. Not being the personality to wait for things to happen, Stuart co-founded dance playground, Club GASS / Therapy (Braamfontein, Jhb: 1997-2003), that quickly became an internationally recognised institution on the local dance scene for over five years running. Stuart is currently headlining the much talked-about Ground Floor at Bitch nightclub (Jhb) on Saturdays and regular international gigs include Salvation (UK), Coco-Latte (UK), Heaven (UK) and The End (UK). 

Since gaining popularity on the dance scene during the summer of 2001, Brett Jackson has been active as a music producer and playing around the country with the live dance music act, Sonic Divas. His talents brought him opportunities to work with some of the best names in the South African music industry. He has been a guest on various radio shows, such as Mark Gilman’s “Vinyl Frontier” and Derek the Bandit’s “Residents” on 5FM, as well as Roger Goode’s 5FM weekend shows “Saturday Surgery” and “Sunday Sessions”. Most recently he has mixed the latest edition of the internationally released “Deeper Sounds Of…” compilation that includes original track “Nocturnal Sight”, produced by Brett Jackson featuring Orion. 

Bionic and Redwood will spread the beats in the “Werewolf Cavern” at UNDERWORLD – The Party. Redwood has been acclaimed with numerous prestigious awards, including being crowned winner at both the African Hip-Hop Indaba (Battle of the Year) DJ competition and the South African Technics DMC DJ championship. He was also the host DJ at the annual Metro FM Awards last year and entertained crowds during numerous skate demonstrations by international professional skateboarders such as Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquest and Mike Vallely. Redwood is featured regularly on national radio and TV, following on his reputation as being the first DJ to amaze audiences with beat-boxing and scratching at the same time by using a headpiece microphone! 

DJ Bionic aka Bradley Williams represents the progression of urban culture in Southern Africa. He first started spinning at high-school functions and managed to get his hands on a pair of old wooden Pioneer hi-fi turntables, when he had his first experience of destiny: to be a DJ/turntablist rocking ghetto street parties and underground clubs. He subsequently joined forces with DJ Blaze to open the now legendary Metropolis (aka Le Club) and launched Eargasm Entertainment in 1999 (which was originally launched as Eargasm Records, an importer of Hip Hop vinyl to SA’s minority DJs). Eargasm is at the forefront of developing and promoting Hip Hop culture in SA. Bionic was also in charge of musical and creative direction for MTN’s “Free 2 Speak” campaign early last year and is a regular fixture at some of SA’s top hip hop events. 

UNDERWORLD – The Party takes place at Carfax (Johannesburg) next Friday, February 27. Doors open at 22:00 (10pm) and tickets cost R40 each. No persons under the age of 18 will be allowed to enter. Please call 084 400 1271 for more info on the event. 

UNDERWORLD – The Movie opens at South African cinemas on Friday, March 5. Have a look at the official website – www.entertheunderworld.com

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