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Thump Records Announces Classic R&B Division – Jay King to Head New Division

28 February 2004 No Comment

Imagine your favorite old school artist releasing hot new music. What would it be like if Lakeside had another CD coming out, or if Lenny Williams was crooning an updated love song? How about Michael Cooper giving up the funk one mo’ gin?

Well imagine no more. Bill Walker, CEO of Thump Records had the same idea and decided to act on it. Heralded as “the originators and innovators of the old school” his label, Thump Records, is set to reposition itself as the original home of classic R&B. With a vision to infuse a fresh spirit and energy into the classic R&B and old school music scene, Walker is signing up our favorite old school acts and releasing their new sounds!

In an effort to fully execute his plan, Walker has appointed industry veteran and R&B artist Jay King as the director of his new classic R&B division. In addition, Thump Records and has already confirmed Lakeside, Midnight Star, Michael Cooper, Lenny Williams and Club Nouveau as signings.

An executive and artist, King is more than equipped for the task. King was 23 years old when he created a new chapter in musical history by single-handedly producing, pressing, marketing and promoting the million selling smash “Rumors” by the Timex Social Club, turning it into the biggest selling independent R&B 12” single in history. He then went on to form Club Nouveau, spawning such hits as “Lean On Me,” “Why You Treat Me So Bad,” “Situation #9,” and “Jealousy,” with Club Nouveau becoming one of the most distinctive and original groups to influence the contemporary music scene.

“King has the integrity, insight and ability to direct Thump as a new industry leader. As an artist, he has the compassion to understand the needs of the artist, while his industry background allow him the capability to conduct savvy business,” expressed Walker.

“The incredible fan base these super groups have amassed over their legendary careers is a testament to their strong brand name recognition and staying power,“ offers Pebo Rodriquez, vice president of A&R/ general manager for Thump Records. “These groups continue to perform their global hits worldwide to millions of fans, fans that support them at their live performances and who thirst for their new music. Thump recognizes the fact that these hall of fame groups need a home with major label distribution and marketing and that is what we are providing. We are very excited about taking our place in history alongside these exciting artists! And wait till you hear the music!”

With a concept of “every artist is important and every release is important,” Thump is incorporating an innovative approach with each artist signing. By licensing the new recordings of classic R&B acts, the label is offering partnership deals where the artists own the masters. This is no small matter in a day and age where record companies are known to retain ownership of master recordings and accrue the lion’s share of artist earnings.

“Bill has a very cinematic vision for his label,” cites King. “Each artist will be paid royalties from the first record sold to the last record sold. This concept is something I have campaigned for over the last decade and it is refreshing to align myself with a label that finally gets it. In addition, it is a dream to be able to pay tribute to and honor the musicians who have landscaped our lives with their music and continue to do so through music sampling today.”

Thump Records will release new music in May, offering two CD releases per month. “It’s going to be very exciting,” promises Walker. “We’re taking classic acts and letting them give what they’ve always given, music that will appeal to everyone, music that will be classic by any standard.”

For additional information and offerings from Thump Records, go to www.ThumpRecords.com or call 909-595-2144.

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