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From Chicago – An Interview With Mick Luter


5 March 2004 No Comment

Coming from that windy city Chicago and stepping out the Day1/Stay Humble Entertainment stable is Mick Luter. I had recently checked out his album “My Word” (with production by No I.D, Skip Lava & Spike and Jamal) and decided to find out more about this emcee. Check it.

Can you start off by introducing yourself to the world? 

Whats up my people-Mick Luter reppin the whole Chicago (Westside)-DAY 1/Stay Humble Ent.- PUT YA 1’S UP!

Is Mick Luter your real name?

No-my first name is Milton.

How long did it take you to record the album?

It took about a year (studio time, beats, and lazy engineers)

How did you get involved with hip hop? Which artists back then influenced you?

I grew up listening to a little of everything from Nas, Biggie and Pac to Common, Casual, Souls of Mischief, Redman, Wu, Mobb Deep.

Who did the production on the album? 

NO ID did most of the production (Common producer), Skip Lava and Spike & Jamal.

What kind of production grabs you?

Soul beats really because growing up in the Chi, thats what we vibe off of-we got soul! That’s why Kanye is so nice because he has that ear for that old feel (some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross, a little Anita…)

Introduce to us the people who featured on your album.

Iceberg (formerly Bloodline Records-DMX) & Skip Lava (Day 1)

When I listen to you rhyme I can hear that you are experienced with the microphone. When did you first start rapping?

I started in 98 wit my man BlueTila. He took me to the first studio and it was on from there! Then I won the Source Battle in 2000.

Is this your first album?

My first album – CERTIFIED CLASSIC on the streets of the CHI!

What’s the hip hop scene like in your town/city?

Its really buzzing now since Kanye and Twista are Numbers 1 & 2 on the Billboard and Common is about to resurrect! ITS MY TURN NOW!

How would you define your style?

My words are personal- NOT JUST VERSES IN 16 BARS- I don’t just write raps! Cats say I remind them of a Chi version of NAS.

Would it be accurate to say that you are living out your dream?

When I start making some change ($$) and making a change, then yeah I will be living it out!

What is the ulimate goal of Mick Luter?

To establish Day1/Stay Humble Ent. label and help other talented artists get on. Make Chicago a household name in the game!

Explain what your live set is like. Do you use stage props? Do you have a deejay standing behind you?

No stage props, maybe a deejay- I rock my own show! Me, the fam and some YAC & purple and we ready to go!

What do you drink and eat?

Henny and Remy-besides that-WATER! No swine dining either!

What artists would you like to collaborate with?

Kanye, Common, Nas, GhostFace and whoever else can spit 16’s like the kid! (My nigga Immortal Technique)

If you could do a track with either God or Satan who would you choose and why?

Satan (it would be a real BATTLE rap) and I would crush him!

Who are your favourite rappers at the moment?

Mick Luter is the hottest right now-i feel Twista, Kanye, Jay, Nas, Talib and some others-Big Face from Chicago is hot too!

Your all time favourite hip hop albums?

Illmatic, Ready To Die, Resurrection, The Infamous, The Chronic and Only Built 4 Cuban Linx-Big Pun(Capital Punishment)

How is support for local acts in your State?

It’s coming full circle since people know that the market is ours to explore and expand! Just wait till they get a taste of ML.

In terms of hip hop radio shows which ones are you feeling?

There is so much politics going on so I could care less about our radio. Last weekend, there was a poll of the next hot emcee from the Chi and I wasn’t even in the poll! There were so many calls made to the radio from heads and others asking where my name was!

Have you heard south african hip hop?

Never-whats it like??

It’s tight. You gotta check it out. What do you think about when somebody says South Africa?

I just think of somewhere where little things of life are appeciated more. Definitely trying to make it out there!

Are you planning to put anything out on vinyl?

Yeah but it costs alot if your’e not affiliated with a label or something! 

Personally I dig all styles of hip hop, whether it be stuff from Memphis, New York, The Bay, Europe, Asia and Africa. Do you also have a wide taste in styles or do you only like one style?

I love new shit – everything today sounds the same. Cars, ice, women, drugs, guns! That’s another reason why Kanye is successful because there are other topics to touch on besides the obvious! 

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen?

Growing up here in Chicago, its something different everyday! I saw a homeless guy hop in a BMW after hours of begging at the Currency Exchange yesterday!

What do you think of George Bush?


What albums were you listening to this week?

My man Fiasco (Arista Records), Nas Stillmatic and the new Mick Luter “Mickstape.”

What are your thoughts on mixtapes? If e.g. I took one of your songs and put it on my mixtape and sold it on the streets?

Mixtapes are all love-you gotta know how to rock it though-KILLA FREESTYLES AND SHIT! I woudn’t be mad at you fam-its all love! Another avenue touched.

If people ripped your cd and distributed your mp3’s on the net what would you think of that?

I aint making no money now so it wouldn’t make a difference! Thats more avenues being touched!

What are your favourite tracks on the album and why?

THE SCIENCE because people need to wake up and realize whats going on. That joint is definitely personal-TAKE ANOTHER LISTEN!

What would you like the listener to get out of your album?

The lyrics and the message! If you aint sending a message to your people, then what are you doing it for! There’s always a struggle, but it takes the struggle to be successful!

If people wanna hook up with you or buy your album where can they go?

http://www.cdbaby.com/mickluter for the album “My Word.” Contact (773)501-9571 for bookings, inquiries and whatever else you wanna know! Be looking for MICK LUTER “THE MICKSTAPE” VOL 1-coming sooner than later!!

What are your plans for 2004?

In 2004, we will secure that label deal, re-release My Word for platinum status, prepare for the new album and jumpstart Day1/Stay Humble Ent.-THE LABEL!

Thanks for talking to us. Any last words or shout outs?


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