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Mountain Brothers the Asian American Trio

10 March 2004 No Comment

In the early 90’s, three kids got together to record a few demo tapes and have some fun making music. A decade later, CHOPS, Peril-L, and Styles Infinite are still at it – only now they are widely recognized as Asian America’s premier hip-hop trio: the Mountain Brothers.

Taking their name from an ancient Chinese tale of bandits who pillaged the corrupt and wealthy for the benefit of the less fortunate, the Mountain Brothers marauded thru the hip-hop scene with their first independent vinyl EP release. Soon after, they entered and won a national rhyme contest sponsored by Coca-Cola, and achieved further nationwide attention. 1996 saw the group becoming pioneers of the growing indie hip-hop scene, and their talents earned them a place in history as the first Asian American hip-hop group ever signed to a major label. When issues of creative control arose, and executives balked when it came to “packaging” their new artists, the Mountain Brothers opposed being manipulated as flash-in-the-pan gimmicks, and instead insisted on remaining true to self…

The Mountain Brothers’ contractual release was negotiated, and the group decided to continue steering their own course. After going back to the lab, pooling together their savings, and maxing out several credit cards, they released their independent LP – music that represented their own sense of creativity, humor, and originality. The trio’s unique blend of intricate, witty rhymes combined with producer CHOPS’s behind-the-boards skills set them apart from the pack both musically and lyrically, and the appropriately titled “Self: Volume 1” was received with tremendous critical acclaim.

Since then, the Mountain Brothers and their music, in addition to CHOPS’s production, have appeared on numerous stages (House of Blues, Electric Factory, Knitting Factory), commercial and college radio shows, video shows (MTV, MTV2, BET), publications (Vibe, The Source, XXL, URB, Rolling Stone, HHC), advertising (Nike, Sprite, Marvel Comics) and soundtracks around the globe.

In 2003, with the release of their next LP “Triple Crown“, allied with new, determined management, plus the full backing of an independent label and major independent distribution, Mountain Brothers are ready to unleash the next phase of their assault on an industry filled with stale cookie-cutter clones and tired clichés.

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