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13 March 2004 No Comment

Born in a military hospital in South America, Immortal Technique was brought to the United States in the early 80’s while a civil war was breaking out in his native Peru. The puppet democracy supported by the US and rebel group known as the Shining path were wrapped in a huge armed conflict which like all others in Latin America ended with the economic and military aid of the State Dept. through channels like the CIA. Although he escaped the struggle and turmoil of a life in the 3rd world, Immortal Technique now resided in Harlem which had it’s own share of drama.

Writing graffiti, fighting and getting into trouble with the law which landed him in the tombs for a few days here and there didn’t stop the determined young man from graduating high school and getting into college. Enrolled at Penn State University he learned exactly what it was to live outside of the diversified world of the city. His second year there after being involved in a dispute which resulted in a fight leaving a local white male in the hospital, Technique and a friend were arrested and charged with a (Felony A) Aggravated Assault. The DA aimed for a 3 to 5 for both of them and at first was not seeking any pleas in the case at all. The evident racist and bias towards his not being a member of the rural and all white community showed itself as he was being tried. However, Immortal Technique dropped his lawyer and sought a pit-bull attorney from the local area. The felony was dropped, a 1-2 sentence with a work release option was put forth and seeing as how his Co-defendant had gone to trial and lost giving him a 1.5 to 3 year bid, and so Technique plead the 5th and sought the deal.

Now ever since he was 9 this young man that at first called himself Technique had written rhymes and free styled with friends. But it was here in this emptiness that Immortal Technique battled in an unrivaled fashion, vigorously scripted dreams, visions and random thoughts, not only to write hot verses but to create the conceptuality for making music. His codefendant turned state’s evidence on him and yet Immortal Technique turned down offers to snitch while he was in the hole, it was nights like those where his future hung in the balance that he scripted the insanity that would bring him vast recognition later. In and out of the hole he would have probably maxed had a counselor not put him into a halfway house for the last month his year, with the stipulation that he be released after completing the 30 day program. Upon his return from the remote state facility he began to enter organized MC battles and brought such a fury and overwhelmingly hardcore flow that his freestyles, helped him to capture the Underground battle scene in NYC. Having conquered tournaments like Braggin Rites, Rocksteady, DaCypha, and the infamous hookt.com battles Immortal Technique realized what every battle champion before him had, that these lyrical victories were just good exposure and that they didn’t insure a label picking you up. That is when Immortal Technique began to concentrate more on writing songs and performing in the NYC area. His political and social commentary which was heavily laden with factual information and brutal punchlines made it difficult for the labels to deny his skill, but just as difficult for them to sign him.

And so Immortal Technique sought the independent route, he found an executive from a major label that was willing to match funds with him to do nothing but press up an EP. But the project turned into a 17 track album that was titled, “Revolutionary Vol.1.” Roughly 2,500 copies were pressed up and without any distribution, production budget advertisement, and or label of any kind he sold 2,400 copies and gave the rest to college radio stations and DJ’s. With the madness of Sept. 11th, controversial subject matter of government involvement across the globe and in the cover up of information that would potentially save peoples lives, Immortal Technique’s graphic reality checks are that much more captivating and pertinent. But having seen the cowardice of A&R’s with no vision and labels only looking for candy rappers, Immortal Technique is focused on looking for distribution and more production, not to be owned by any company. Featured in MassAppeal, Vapors, AWOL magazine and the Nov. issue of The Source’s coveted Unsigned Hype column Immortal Technique’s quest to be heard has evolved into a struggle like the one he escaped when he was born. Unable to simply be a commodity signed to some label with little control and profit gain, he now searches for an avenue that can provide a suitable budget. Not to mention a respect for the fact that he has his own publishing company, production team, access to major studios and has created a huge buzz not only in the NYC area, but in the cities he has toured through, such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Orlando, Atlanta, and all though Jersey.

Having opened up for The Beatnuts, RUNDMC, BlackThought, Bootcamp, Jeru, Wu-Tang, D12, Afu-ra, Deadprez, TonyTouch, Nice& Smooth, Anti-popconsortium, J5, Blackalicious, and others he is a seasoned performer with one of the best live shows in the Underground. Tech has also shared the stage with just about every independent performer that there. In his last semester at Baruch college majoring in Political Science, this man is poised and ready to strike the industry and machine gun through what is expected of your above average MC. An underground legend, accomplished battle champion and an independent success Immortal Technique is now more than ever prepared to deal with the world of music and the business that tries to shape it.

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