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Bio of Tonedeff – The Legend – Getting Set To Explode

15 March 2004 No Comment

Many of you probably heard off this emcee, he started writing at the age of 9 producing beats in a studio at age 12 and he has performed with the likes of DJ BlowOut, Meddafore, Stronghold, KRS-ONE, Cunningyinguists, Masta Ace, DJ JS-1, Archetype, Immortal Technique, Poison Pen, Pumpkin head, Session, Dead Prez, Wordsworth, Cocoa Brovas, Rahzel, Beatnuts, Jungle brothers, Brand Nubian, Bad Seed, PackFM, Substancial, Kameel-Yen, Hydra, DP-One and Mecca. Well here is his bio.

Tonedeff is best described as a hip-hop purist obsessed with musical alchemy to create a new aesthetic. Performing in and around NYC’s esteemed underground scene, Tone has gained notoriety as one of the most promising MCs to emerge in years. Furious polysyllabic delivery paired with incredibly intricate lyricism with an ear toward catchy songwriting and production have set him apart from his peers. Winning the Braggin Rites & Hookt.com MC Battles in 2000, appearing on mixtapes from Eddie Ill & DL, Stronghold, Meddafore, DJ Blowout, and spots on radio show’s like WKCR’s “CM Fam-a-Lam Show” with Bobbito & Lord Sear have helped to solidify his rise of notoriety and street cred. A brief stint with Yosumi Records (Game Over 1 &2), saw the release of his enchanced EP, “Hyphen”, and appearances on “Game Over 2” & Domingo’s ‘Para Mi Gente…’. 

Afterwards, the release of Extended F@mm’s “Happy F*ck You Songs”, (a joint project between Tonedeff and PackFM, Substantial & Session), saw him grace the pages of The Source Magazine’s “Off The Radar” & “Bar Code” columns, as well as a high profile commercial for MTV Network’s “Hip-Hop Week”. Recent guest spots on KRS-ONE’s “Clear Em Out” from ‘The Difference Vol.1′(Official Joints), Masta Ace’s ‘Disposable Arts’ (JCOR), DJ JS-1’s “Arrogant” (f/ PackFM, Substantial & Rise), CunninLynguists ‘Southernunderground,’ and his recent prequel ‘Underscore,’ have created much anticipation for his debut LP, “Archetype” (Late 2003), which is to be released on his independent label, QN5 Music.

• Detailed Biography.

Always seemingly five steps ahead of the game, Tonedeff’s music has always been about innovation. Writing since the age of 9, and learning studio recording by age 12, Tone is highly versatile – Any style, Any flow.

Tonedeff’s unwillingness to compromise his passion for art has even taken him to Los Angeles, where, at the age of 16, he performed on The Arsenio Hall Show for the ‘Flava of the Future’ competition in November of 1993. After which, he began developing plans for an album with his group, The RBM Crew, under the guidance of former Power 96 DJ, Mohammed Moretta of Boom/Polygram Records and, manager, Bart Philips of Entertainment Resources International, (Arrested Development, Kriss Kross, and Da Brat).

Migrating to Queens, NY in 1998, Tone set out to establish himself on the NYC Underground circuit, and coming away with a distinguished reputation. Wins of the coveted Braggin Rites MC Battle in March of 2000, the Hookt.com battle in August, and a 3rd place (out of 100) finish @ The Source’s Unsigned Hype Live battle in June, made the name stick. Countless shows all over the country, including Rocksteady Crew’s 25th Anniversary and opening for acts such as Dead Prez, Beatnuts, Jungle Brothers, Rahzel, Brand Nubian, Cocoa Brovas, Wordsworth, Pumpkinhead and many more, have proven to audiences that he’s a true performer in every sense of the word, with one of the best live stage shows around. A recent inductee of The Plague, a New York supercrew (Hydra, Pumpkinhead, Bad Seed, PackFM, Session, Substantial, Kameel-Yen, DP-ONE & Mecca) Tone has thoroughly embedded himself into the conciousness of underground heads as an Emcee/Producer/Label-Head & Designer.

In an attempt to utilize the internet’s power to promote himself in late 1998, Tone saw a need for a forum on the web for underground MCs to flex their skills in battles and collaborate online. He pioneered the megasites RhymeArena.com & EmceeBattles.com, partnering with Rapmusic.com to create the foremost online experience, which has attracted world-class talent and sponsors, including Priority Records and SHURE Microphones.

In 2000, he formed the independent label, QN5 Music, as an outlet to release his own music and of others who shared his vision. His first 12″ Single, “Ridiculous” (produced by: Domingo), on Tru Criminal Records dropped in 2000 to critical acclaim along with multiple show-stealing cameo appearances with the likes of KRS-ONE, Masta Ace, CunninLynguists and DJ JS-1. The release of Extended F@mm’s “Happy F*ck You Songs” (a joint project with PackFM, Substantial & Session) has helped to solidify the label’s place in the market.

Tonedeff is poised to revolutionize the hip-hop mentality, and people are noticing. Garnering a tremendous amount of underground buzz via mixtapes, battles, showcases, songs charting at all the major music magazines and spins from DJ’s around the world. Expectations for his career are high.


1997 – The Monotone EP – (QN5 Music)
2001 – Hyphen – (QN5 Music)
2002 – Extended F@mm – “Happy Fuck You Songs” (QN5 Music)
2003 – Underscore – (QN5 Music)

12” Releases
2000 – CunninLynguists – “616 Rewind (f/ Celph Titled, Sankofa & Kashal-Tee)” b/w “So Live!” (Urban Acres)
2001 – “Ridiculous” b/w “Heads Up” (Tru Criminal)
2002 – iCON The Mic King – “Ahead Of My Time (f/ Tonedeff)” (Indieground)
2002 – DJ JS-1 f/ OC – “Beyond” b/w “Arrogant (f/ Substantial, PackFM, Rise & Tonedeff)” (Fat Beats)
2002 – KRS-ONE – “Clear Em Out (f/ Tonedeff)” b/w High & Mighty – “Rumble” (Official Jointz)
2003 – Breez Evahflowin – “Give It Away (f/ Tonedeff)” b/w “Billy Goats Gruff” – (JustBe)

Guest Appearances:
2000 – CunninLynguists – “616 Rewind (f/ Celph Titled, Sankofa & Kashal-Tee)” b/w “So Live!” (Urban Acres)
2000 – Mexicano777 – “Bums In The Alley” & “El Doctor” from “God’s Assassin’s [LP] (Sony Music)
2002 – Uncle T – “Codename: Fuckyall (f/ PackFM, iCON The Mic King & Tonedeff)” The Spice (Arrakis Records)
2002 – Eddie Ill & DL – “A Long Time Comin 1999-2002 Sessions”
2002 – iCON the Mic King – “Ahead Of My Time Remix (f/ Tonedeff & AWAR)” (Indieground)
2003 – Chords – “Days Chasin Days” [LP Track] (JuJu)
2003 – CunninLynguists – “Love Ain’t (f/ Tonedeff)” – Southernunderground [LP] – (Freshchest)
2003 – Breez Evahflowin – “Give It Away (f/ Tonedeff)” b/w “Billy Goats Gruff” – (JustBe)
2003 – Rahzel – “Deep Cover Freestyle” from “Greatest Knockouts: Volume One” (Echelon)
2003 – Immortal Technique – “Peruvian Cocaine” from “Revolutionary Vol. 2” (Viper)
2003 – Solo45 – “Take A Number (f/ Tonedeff & PackFM)” – (Outcha League)
2003 – Mif Ornament – “Reppin Lovely (f/ Tonedeff)”

Compilations and Mixtape Appearances:
2000 – “Tonedeff” – Blowout Verses Vs Beats (Turntable Anihilists)
2001 – Game Over 2 – “Round Em Up” (Yosumi/JCOR)
2001 – The Stronghold Mixtape – “Strongholdin” (Stronghold Ventures)
2001 – 24HourMC – “Next 24 Mixtape” (Essential Entertainment)
2002 – Uncle T – “Codename: Fuckyall (f/ PackFM, iCON The Mic King & Tonedeff)” -The Spice (Arrakis Records)
2002 – QN5 Music – “Asterisk:One” (QN5 Music)
2002 – The Difference Vol.1 – KRS-One “Clear Em Out (f/ Tonedeff)” (Official Jointz)
2002 – The Plague – “Heavyweight” from “Gangreen Mix CD: Volume 1” (QN5 Music)
2002 – Meddafore – “Let Em Know” Mixtape
2002 – Boiling Point Distribution – “How U Doin” from Boom Bap for Neanderthals (Boiling Point Dist)

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