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Moodphase 5 and Godessa – 21 March 2004


15 March 2004 No Comment

On Sunday the 21st of March, Styles Upon Styles, in conjunction with Castle, presents two of South Africa’s, and African Dope’s, finest groups with Moodphase5ive and Godessa live at Mercury Live, 43 De Villiers Str in District 6.

Godessa, the all-female-fronted hip hop crew will be playing with their live band, which was formed in the beginning of 2003. This four-piece unit
comprises Grenville Williams on bass (who incidentally is also Godessa’s producer), Sean Ou Timm on drums (from the group Max Normal), Italian
Ricardo Moretti on keyboard (who also plays with MoodPhase5ive) and Amon “Dub Master” China on percussion (from the now-disbanded crew Firing Squad).

Once you hear the vocal presence and beauty of Sham, Burnie and EJ von Lyrik, you will already have been converted to their lyrical trickery. With
the ‘Social Ills’ single under their belt, the group is now about to release their debut full-length album, ‘Spillage’, to be released on High
Voltage Entertainment, the newly formed label and production house.

Headlining the evening at 11:30 will be Cape Town’s much loved Moodphase5ive. For those not in the know, Moodphase5ive is a live 6-piece
funkdubhiphopjazzsoul band from Cape Town, comprising: D-Form (streetwisethespian), Ernie (vocalistics), Douglas Armstrong aka Drugless
Lovestrong (trumpet & guitars), Bood Carver (bass), Riccardo Moretti (keys & congas) and Farmer Brian (beats).

Singles from their debut album ‘Steady On’ have charted and playlisted on every major and student station around SA, and as far afield as Canada,
Portugal and Germany, and the video for the first single ‘Steady On’ was screened on MTV NL’s ‘What’s New’ show. The album, ‘Steady On’ has become a
cult item among discerning hip hop fans and continues to sell well.

The band has since been working on their second studio album, ‘Xe’, which is due for release in April 2004 on Sony Music SA.

Mr Mo will be warming up the proceedings with an infectious mix of heady funk, old skool classics and jazz breaks, which will be followed by Godessa
around 10:30. The Real Rozzano takes things further until the early hours of your Monday morning with more funk in his trunk and hip hop galore.

Date: Sunday 21st March, next day is a public holiday 
Venue: Mercury Live – 43 De Villiers Str, District 6, Cape Town
Time: 9pm – 4 am
Cost: R40

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