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Want To Get Your Music Played On Radio? Get Hold Of The Hiphocalypse


19 March 2004 No Comment

One of the Eastern Cape’s biggest hip-hop shows, the Hiphocalypse on RMR (Rhodes Music Radio), is looking for talent. We are starting a new feature called “Uncut Diamond”, where we will play unsigned and/or unreleased material and give a brief critique on it. If you or your crew has material you want played, just send it to us! Read more for details.

Here’s the fine print:
– Please put your material in the form of a CD with a maximum of two tracks. We do NOT accept entire albums. Also, please include a biography with a short history, the details of the tracks and the names of all members, including the full names of both MCs and producers
– We will play a maximum of three tracks per Uncut Diamond session, and our opinion of each will be posted on the website listed below. 
– In addition, the demos you send us will be put permanently into the RMR music library for use by other DJs, and if they’re good enough they may even be playlisted on the station.
– We regret we cannot return demos. Sorry! Oh, and only hip-hop, for those who haven’t realized already. Any and all types!
– Last, but not least, a reminder. We cannot and will not play your music without all the elements included above. Put ‘em in, and you get airplay, simple as that.

So if you want your music to be heard by over 20,000 listeners, send your CDs and biographies to:

Hiphocalypse Uncut Diamond
c/o RMR
PO Box 94

For more info check out www.rmr.ru.ac.za or www.hiphocalypse.co.nr (website will be updated soon, promise!)

Contact Rob One on g03b1178@campus.ru.ac.za

Looking forward to hearing your dope beats and sick rhymes! Check out the Hiphocalypse 10pm-1am Saturday nights only on RMR 89.7fm

Rob One and Mentalyricist (The Hiphocalypse Team)

Hiphocalypse. We are hip hop.

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