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El-Kai – Emerging From The Crates – New Album


27 March 2004 No Comment

Peace and love to the AG massive and crew. A while ago, y’all must’ve read about a cat called El-kai from Lesotho in the reviews section. Yeah, so he’s got a new album coming out, and his vision is set on bigger and better things. Just take a moment to read about what this cat has planned for this album.

El-Kai (l-kay), whose real name is Lekhetho Khama, is a rapper/producer who hails from Lesotho, the mountain kingdom in the sky. He’s been actively involved in music for a while now, and some may say his big break came when he won the R10, 000 prize at the Sprite rap activity jam, a rap show hosted by a station called PCfm, where emceez gather every Thursday afternoon to showcase their material. This was in the 2002/2003 season. He released a demo/album towards the end of last year, called ‘Nearly had it’, and the response from LES massive was enormous. And now, he reckons it’s time to re-invent and accelerate.

The album getting released will be called ‘Twenty-One’, and it seems the appropriate title since that’s how old he’ll be turning this year. “It’s a blessing, I never thought I’d live to see this age…” said El in a recent radio interview. The release is packed with a plethora of very musical tunes, and is a definite improvement on what he’d done earlier. It’s sixteen trax deep, including two bonus trax off the last offering. He didn’t want a monotone feel to the album, the selection of beats, though not excellent, is very much of an international standard.

Cats who feature on the album are Conundrum, Core Wreckah, Tab’z, and Anonymous the Key Man. Sisters also do they part on the singing. Vocal arrangement is very well executed. The rest of this album was done at home, but the quality is quite impressive. Lemme just offer y’all a general overview of the trax.

1. Intro 
2. Unleashed – about challenges faced during the album making
3. Blood money – a fairly vivid story about a heist
4. Still wish you (feat. Anonymous the Key Man)
5. Julliano – skit
6. El-kai (feat. Core Wreckah) – head-nodder
7. Rock (beat)
8. Change of thought (skit)
9. Thank you (feat. Conundrum) – an ode to his fans
10. PIMP (feat. Core Wreckah) 
11. Ngoanana (feat. Conundrum) – a lovely sesotho track, mellow beat
12. Phone call (skit)
13. Through it all (feat. Chane)
14. Devil sent (feat. Conundrum and Core) – a diss to all dem critics
15. Girl – ode to all the sistahs
16. Outro

There you have it people. And on hip-hop in Lesotho, it’s very much on a germination level, it’s like a bean seed, hasn’t yet sprouted. It’s a one-dimensional thing, we have no b-boys or graf artists, nor hip hop deejays. But talent is abound, and we’re all yet to groom it. Projects that have been released are Hipnotica’s EP, DOA pt. 1 (pt. 2 coming soon), and El-kai’s first offering. Hipnotica is a four-man crew, they all tryna build. The DOA (dead on arrival) album is a compilation, headed by the Fairo. They are working on the second installment that’ll feature everyone that can deliver good rhymes (MrC, watch out!!!). 

Hip-hop over here is not much of a culture, but through efforts of these cats, people will start to hop onto the train, join the musical mindset of revolutionary people. So yeah, there you have it! With this project, El-kai will be introducing his entertainment label, called El-Core Records. Thumbs up for that. Get in touch with us:

E-mail: elcorec@yahoo.com
Digits : +266 63071597 or +266 58922900

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