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Castle Inqaba HipHop at Splashy Fen 2004


29 March 2004 No Comment

SPLASHY FEN 2004 in conjunction with CASTLE INQABA HIPHOP is introducing a new event at the annual festival this year. The stage will be launched for the first time at SF2004 and features a host of KZN HipHop groups including ILLUMINATING SHADOWS, JUVENILE 031, THE NOMADS and MAESTRO FAMILY, as well as a series of other solo artists. The stage will also play host to freestyle sessions, CD selekting and vinyl spinning with local DJ’s and emcees getting there chance to access the soundwaves.

SPECIAL PROPS TO ALL OF THE ARTISTS TAKING PART: Due to a lack of sponsorship for this launch all of the artists taking part in the Sunday 11th Jam have agreed to perform without payment, making the mission to the festival strictly for themselves and the crowd. This is the sort of commitment that stabilises and builds the movement/industry/lifestyle. BIGGUP!

If the organisers consider this years venture to be a success then the stage will become a regular event at the festival. For more information visit the splashy website at www.splashyfen.co.za or contact me (Ewok) at 084 8430055

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