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Black Noise new DVD and African Hip Hop Indaba 2004


31 March 2004 No Comment

Black Noise have completed a DVD that serves to answer many questions youth have about hip hop culture. The DVD contains instructional hip hop how to footage. Many youth throughout the country and internationally have been taught the basics and history of hip hop culture by Black Noise over the years and this collection of “Hip Hop How to” volumes aims to supply youth with information about the various elements of hip hop as well as its history and founders that need to be given the respect they deserve.

Volume 1 is an introduction to all the facets of the culture (MCing, DJ’ing, B-boying, Writing/ Graffiti and knowledge of self). DJing is demonstrated by DJ Thee Angelo of Black Noise. B-boying basics are shown by Black Noise b-boys and it features writing/graffiti legends Falco and Mak 1 from the TVA Crew. Emile YX?, the grandfather and founder member of Black Noise Crew, breaks down the importance of Knowledge of Self in Hip Hop Culure. The DVD also contains Black Noise music videos, South African Battle of the Year footage and a shop with Heal the Hood Projects underground locally produced CDs, videos and magazines. The group is currently searching for national distribution for the DVD, but have already been distributing it through the Heal the Hood network locally and internationally.

Black Noise will be off on a European Tour from the 10th April until the 10th July 2004. The tour will include workshops about hip hop and knowledge about hip hop culture and South Africa a schools and festivals througout Sweden, Norway and Holland. It is also the intention of the group to expand the Heal the Hood international network through this tour in the hope of future exchanges with South Africa and these countries to exchange hip hop and arts related skills. 

European Tour Details:

 Date Country/City Job description Organiser April 12 Stockholm Arrival day 13 Stockholm Talk/show 14 Stockholm Talk/show 15 Stockholm Talk/show 16 Stockholm Talk/show Kulturskolan 17 Norway Hip hop festival 18 Norway Hip hop festival 19 Östersund Talk/show 20 Strömsund Talk/show SV 21 Strömsund Talk/show 22 Strömsund Talk/show 23 Strömsund 24 Strömsund Show at festival 25 Strömsund/Umeå Travel day 26 Umeå/Skellefteå Travel day 27 Skellefteå Talk/Show 28 Skellefteå Talk/Show 29 Skellefteå Talk/Show 30 Skellefteå HTH May 1 Tärnaby Travel, Show 2 Tärnaby Show 3 Tärnaby Talk/Show 4 Sorsele Talk/Show, travel 5 Ammarnäs Workshop ABF 6 Sorsele Talk/show 7 Sorsele 8 Sorsele HTH 9 Sorsele/Umeå Workshop, Travel 10 Umeå 11 Nordmaling 12 Vännäs 13 Umeå 14 Umeå Talk/Show The Opera 15 Umeå Talk/Show The Opera 16 Umeå Travel day 17 Norway/Brönneysund Travel 18 Brönneysund 19 Brönneysund 20 Brönneysund 21 Brönneysund 22 Brönneysund 23 Brönneysund 24 Brönneysund 25 Brönneysund 26 Brönneysund 27 Brönneysund 28 Brönneysund 29 Brönneysund 30 Brönneysund 31 Brönneysund June 1 Brönneysund 2 Brönneysund 3 Brönneysund/Göteborg Travel 4 Göteborg 5 Göteborg 6 Göteborg 7 Göteborg 8 Rättvik Workshop for SA embassy 12 Rättvik Show, 10 years anniversary SA freedom 13 Rättvik Workshop for Sweden South Africa groups 14 15 16 17 18 Holland 19 Holland 20 Holland 21 Göteborg Ship hop 22 Göteborg Ship hop 23 Göteborg Ship hop 24 Göteborg Ship hop 25 Göteborg Ship hop 26 Göteborg Ship hop 27 Göteborg Ship hop 28 Stockholm Travel day 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 Hoting 6 Hoting 7 Hoting Charity show Cancer organisation 8 Stockholm Departure for Cape town 

Black Noise return to South Africa to tour nationally and host the African Hip Hop Indaba 2004. Plans are to host the event on the:

8th August 2004 Oudtshoorn,
9th August 2004 Port Elizabeth
13th August 2004 Durban,
14th August 2004 Guateng,
15th August 2004 Bloemfontein
and the finals in Cape Town.
27th Aug 2004 MC and DJ Battle @ Goode Hope Centre, Drommedaris Hall
28th Aug 2004 National Breakdance Team selection, Battle of the Year South 
Africa @ The Main Hall, Goode Hope Centre
29th Aug 2004 Battle with Vapours @ venue to be confirmed
A full programme of each days discussions and workshops will be supplied by 
the end of June 2004

For information about these topics contact Emile at 082 3958125 or 021 7060481 or emiley@mweb.co.za or blacknoisesouthafrica@hotmail.com or Tanswell @ 082 4744750 European tour organiser frokenvanilj@hotmail.com

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