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South African Hip Hop personalises the fight against AIDS


22 April 2004 No Comment

Hip Hop artists are working together in the fight against HIV/AIDS with the believe that it would address the high prevelance rate amongst its youth. Local Hip Hop is waging a war against HIV/AIDS with the Abo’ m-Rapper Against AIDS (AMAA) initiative. BLK Storm Entertainment and 8 Bayce Enterprises have taken up the challenge to use hip hop music to encourage sexual responsibility and positive mindsets in conquering HIV/AIDS.

Abo’m-Rapper Against Aids will provide Aids education and awareness by hosting open forums and providing entertainment across Gauteng. 

AMAA aims to extend the genre to deal with real issues regarding the pandemic through partnership with government and hip hop artists. 

The campaign will address discrepancies between urban youth culture and traditional HIV/AIDS prevention methods, promote dialogue that encourages safer sexual practices, and alter attitude and perception to influence responsible decision making. 

The artists intend using music videos, recordings, mini-magazines, radio, road shows, films, billboards and graffiti as sources of information about safe sex. They are also working on a CD compilation of the best of local hip-hop. 

Spokesman Tumi Lehihi said, “the [Abo’m-Rapper Against Aids calendar will work to rotate signed and unsigned hip-hop artists, selecting an ambassador every month.” 

“The organisation realises that the hip-hop and poetry culture has tapped into the youth market on a deeper level and aims to deliver information through the culture because it’s a language that the youth is familiar with,” said Lehihi. 

Some of the artists who have already committed themselves to the initiative include Cashless Society, Nabunya, Concentration Camp, Relo, Godessa, Amu, Pitch Black Afro, Audio Visual, Conscious, Bi Example, Fortune, 1Wonder, Selwyn, Afro, Spex, 5th Floor, Hidden Force,
Proverb, Zubz, the Kenya-based Gidigidi-majimaji, Audio Visual, Hymphatic Tabs, Optical Illusion, and Trinity.

With this campaign AMMA believes that the youth will identify with the HIV/AIDS prevention messages and that through the development of associative links between their popular culture (Hip Hop) and health promotion AMAA will promote these messages within their social circles.


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