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Exclusive Interview With Wanda Dee – The Goddess Is Here


24 April 2004 No Comment

Goddess, a woman who is widely admired or imitated, especially for her beauty. We diggin into the crates deeper than D.I.T.C. Everyday I realise more and more how every musical genre has that influence of hip hop in it. Wanda Dee does the name ring any bells? Remember KLF (Kinky Love Force) techno/rap group from the U.K that scorched the dance floors globally selling over 15 million albums, yes that’s right 15 million, so go dig into your own crates and you should be able to locate a copy of The White Room. Wanda has toured in every possible place you can think of. Just imagine 10 months of a year being on tour performing in front of 40,000 people taking her beautiful voice and body to over 100 countries? Now that’s what I call some hectic globe trotting. She just joined forces with the likes of C&C Music Factory and Snap on a world tour kicking off in Istanbul and showcasing what traits gave her godly status. The first female member of Afrika Bambaataa’s Universal Zulu Nation and we’re not even talking about the ones residing in KwaZulu Natal, this Bronx diva turned soulstress who once laced the classic hip hop movie, “Beat Street”, where she cameod as herself (Hip Hop’s FIRST female DJ), the diva has been resurrected after continuously touring, touted to star in the new Broadway musical of the life of the legendary chanteuse, Josephine Baker and being a personal target of the head of the Russian mafia, simply because her unparalleled beauty ‘Goddessized’ him to the point that he wanted to take her home with him from her headlining casino engagement in Riga, Latvia. Wanda is the first solo rap female to score two platinum singles consecutively namely “The Goddess” and “To The Bone“. Check out the face, the body, the voice, the diva right here on Africasgateway!

“In the old school era, Bronx beat fiend Wanda Dee arrived on the scene and began catching wreck from her male counterparts as she began tearing up the wheels of steel in the male dominated field of DJing that she boldly entered. She tore it up in the film Beat Street, with then partner MC Sisco kid during ‘The Roxy’ audition scene putting a feminine face on the invisible persona of mix wizards. Eventually Wanda Dee chose a new musical path as a singer of steamy street songs, but the inroads she and others paved go beyond those early days” – The Source (October 1997)


It’s an honour (we pretty much influenced by the British so we don’t spell it honor) to have you on Africasgateway and to find out what has been going down with the goddess named Wanda Dee?

Well, it is an HONOR for me to be speaking with you and to know that you would find me worthy enough to interview for your readers. I keep myself busy touring some 10 months a year, doing what I love and what I do best… entertaining. The tour I’m currently on is a brainchild of my husband/manager, Eric Floyd, who wisely thought to put me (representing THE KLF), C&C MUSIC FACTORY and SNAP! all on SWEATFEST WORLD TOUR 2004 together for the next 13 months, since he manages all of us… and the world has responded wonderfully.

KLF dropped out of the music scene and we haven’t heard from them in ages and then I heard from Davey D about your new album and I went damn Wanda is still doing her thang, what’s been happening with ya new album and who helped you on the new gem?

My new album is what I’d like to label; ‘MultiPop’, as it encompasses several genres of music. You see, I sing in 7 languages and decided to sprinkle some Italian, French & Spanish flavors on this album, in addition to English. 

Eric and I CO-produced 100% of it and it’s on our own label, G.E.R.L. (Goddess Empire Record Label) and it’s guest stars include the likes of Doug E. Fresh, as well as duets with Loleatta Holloway, D’Atra Hicks & my legendary showbiz Mom; Freda Payne. There are also background vocal contributions by my Diva Fever All Stars, such as Peggi Blu, Sharon Brown, Linda Clifford, Carol Douglas, The Emotions, Taana Gardner, Fonda Rae, Valerie Simpson, Alyson Williams & Carol Williams. Oh yes, I’ve got some of the finest classic, veteran Pop/Dance/Disco/Soul divas chirping on this project, and I’m truly blessed to have them.

Can we take u back on a memory trip reflecting how you came up and who inspired you growing up in the Bronx?

I came up in a middle class working household… born in Harlem and raised up in da boogie down Bronx. As a youngster, my earliest influences on TV and record were Tina Turner, Lola Falana, James Brown, Diana Ross & Michael Jackson… and then Afrika Bambaataa and Flash entered my life, and it’s NEVER been the same since. Flash is the reason why I wanted to become a DJ, I wanted to be the female version of him. He’s fantastic!

Do u remember Mr Belafonte if I can recall his name is Harry, he shot a film that was called Beat Street a thousand years later and the movie is a classic do you remember that lady that laced the wheel of steelz? Agh come on now people if you don’t know that the DJ is Wanda Dee then u def slept on that movie, Wanda back to you how did that come about and how does it feel to know u embedded in the minds of millions of hip hop heads that watched Beat Street?

You don’t know you’re making history when you’re in the midst of doing it… I was just doing what I love to do. Mr. Belafonte auditioned me personally and when I was no more than 2 minutes into my set, he told me…”YOU’RE HIRED!” I was so excited, I screamed, because I felt that all my work and sweat had been validated… and by a true musical icon, at that.

So Djing was your first love how did u get involved in the art and how many woman was actively spinnin on the decks at that stage?

I practiced day and night in the privacy of my bedroom in the Bronx until I felt confident to ask for a turn to spin at a local block party, and after much ridicule and rejection, I got that chance and never looked back. The people responded resoundingly good because at that time, I was in a class by myself, for there were no other females doing this at all!

You have been given 5 star status by Afrika Bambaata who invited you to the Zulu Nations 30th anniversary where the media heralded ya performance what was the feeling like meeting with all these old heads reminiscing on days gone by?

It was great for me to be amongst my peers… so many of the pioneers and architects of Hip Hop are gone now, but those of us who remain and can actually feel, see and hear the very bricks that we put into this universal structure now known as Hip Hop; it is a feeling of great pride for all of us. I also felt particularly proud of myself, for I’m still in the game, surviving and thriving! Praise Goddess!

After the trip to London and your tour to Europe things opened up for you and u took a new musical direction, did you ever feel alienated from the hip hop culture?

No. Not at all… I’m Hip Hop for LIFE! I’m Zulu for LIFE! Just like Latifah, Lyte and even Will Smith… we can all do films, television, commercial endorsements, Broadway, but at our core IS and WILL always be… HIP HOP! There’s no getting away from it, and why should we want to!?

Okay so I commented on ya new musical direction lets go a bit deeper into that, we know u started out rapping but when did the whole singing stint that turned out to be the actual breadwinner prevail?

In the early 90’s, I began singing and THE KLF project(s) sort of thrust me into that arena… and you know how the saying goes, “LUCK IS WHEN OPPORTUNITY MEETS PREPARATION”, and ‘luckily’ I was prepared for the opportunity, and so I got ‘lucky’. Learning various languages to sing in comes easy to me, I guess my brain is just wired that way for some reason. But I enjoy singing and I’m honored that others enjoy my singing, as well for it has indeed been a $erious “bread winner” for me, let me tell you!

How can people get hold of your new album?

The album has NOT yet been released, as it’s so new, I don’t think God has got the news that it’s done. But for now, you can get it off of my website at www.WandaDee.com or at CD Baby. Take your pick. I’ve already listed the guest stars on the album, but some of my CO-producers include Giuseppe D, David Petovar, Frank Oba Lords, Jim Papoulis & Eric Floyd.

Why independently and can we expect more releases from you or would u just continue touring performing tracks that’s still banging even after all these years?

I want to own my masters, for if not, your ‘Masters’ will own you! I’ll always put our new product as long as I draw breath. Of that, you can be certain, my love. 

So you’re still touring, have you ever done any shows in Africa and would u be willing to do some shows in South Africa if someone makes a offer?

I’m still touring and I write to you now from my hotel suite on tour in NYC… And I’d love to bring the entire SWEATFEST WORLD TOUR 2004 with C&C MUSIC FACTORY, THE KLF & SNAP! to South Africa and/or any part of Africa if the offer was made. We’d also include TECHNOTRONIC, since their lead singer/rapper, Ya Kid k is from Africa… she was a recent house guest at my Charlotte, NC estate and she is an amazing artist and one beautiful woman. I just love her new stuff. Turbo B and D’Atra Hicks of SNAP, Barbara Tucker and D.Whit of C&C Music Factory and myself, we’re out here just having a ball on the road!

Okay, I need to know what it entails to embody that title that you carry and that you manifest in your being as a woman… as a Goddess?

There’s a Goddess in every man and woman… The great ancestress and earth mother who has given life to all things good is in all that we do, feel, see, hear, touch, smell or taste; and the world would be a far better place if we all returned to our more nurturing & loving side. 

Our most ancient societies are Matriarchal based and not Patriarchal based, which came along thousands of years later, or in other words, it was about HERitage, InHERitance, HEReditary & HERstory, long before it was HIStory. And we need to return to this… Mother Earth is calling us all. Mother Africa is calling us all. And we will listen or perish, I can assure you.

So if you are about LOVE and not war… if you are about FAITH and not fear… and if you are about CREATION and not building… then The Goddess is alive, well, strong and growing within you, my love.

Musically do you feel you accomplished what you set out to do or is there anything you still want to obtain?

I have no personal goals, only to remain obedient to The Spirit that guides and governs my life and all lives! To remove EGO and PERSONAL DESIRES from one’s life, is to truly be free, for then you are operating from your higher self. It may sound corny, but in the all too cynical and impoverished world that we live in, I couldn’t imagine any other way to exist.

I would like to thank The Goddess for sparing me some of her valuable time and for Eric Floyd for setting up the interview and hooking me up with the material, the albums final listed track says “Dont leave me this way” so we are going to ask Wanda to leave us in an appropriate manner?

You are so welcome. Goddess be willing, I’ll be able to see you and your country soon, and give you a hug like you’ve never been hugged before. Eric sends his kindest regards to you, as do I. Keep up the GOD work and God(dess) with you always,


To check out on Wanda Dee’s movement and tight physique check out her site www.WandaDee.com


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