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Rime Magazine – The Healthy Alternative

28 April 2004 No Comment

One, among many things that I love about Hip-Hop today is the variety of magazines that are available. Unlike the past, where I had little, or no options. I now have the luxury of choosing what and what not to read. I can still remember how excited I was when I bought my first copy of Rap Masters. But lately, I’m only truly stimulated when I’m out in the underground digging for scrolls.

I recently came across a magazine called RIME. What I like about this magazine is that it has more content and less of the irrelevant bullshit that many other zines waste precious paper on. Instead of letting you get lost in a bunch of annoying ads and leaving you blinded by the glare of its glossiness its packed with articles and interviews, giving you the shit you need. 

All in all, RIME is healthy alternative to the more popular Hip-Hop publications out there.



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