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Verse aka 410 Live Biography

28 April 2004 No Comment

Verse a.k.a 410 Live born Nathan Hammah in Montreal was raised in Malton, and later Brampton (a suburb of Toronto) by his two parents. He aptly named himself Verse for two main reasons: the verses themselves were carefully architected, and he was prolific with his writing. His a.k.a. 410 live represents the road which leads to his home which he proudly represents.

Verse’s has a plethora of musical credentials which includes play on radio shows, performances at various venues and reviews on Internet sites. His song I Remember has been played on numerous radio stations throughout Ontario some of which include: CHUO 89.1fm Jeep Beat show in Ottawa with DJ Rudeboy, 88.1fm Dropping Dimes show in Toronto with Mel Boogie and Lindsey, CKDJ 107.9fm Ottawa’s college urban station, CKCU 93.1fm with DJ Ducats in Ottawa, CHRW 93.7fm Just Vibes show with DJ Prankster in London, and 6XFM 106.9 fm with DJ Kevi B. At a young age, he performed with Canada’s legendary Fresh Arts Foundation of whom rapper Kardinal Offishal was a member of at Nathan Phillips Square, Canada’s Wonderland, and Ontario Place; many of which were televised. His more recent performances include: the Reverb in Toronto, Manhattan Fuel in Toronto, The Phoenix nightclub in London and opening up for the highly successful group Clipse at the Drink nightclub in London. One of the more memorable performances was battling the Ruff Ryder signed rapper Jin at DV8 nightclub in London and winning according to the crowd response! He has been reviewed positively on one of Canada’s most visited urban music websites www.HipHopCanada.com twice, as well as having his own website www.VerseRhymes.com.

Verse personifies his intelligence through his well-thought out lines incorporating everything from the Urbanization of the Western world to stories of clever thuggery. He adheres to the idiom that there is beauty in simplicity. He uses his lines sagaciously and coherently, being careful not to overwhelm the listener with abstract metaphors which will detract from the music itself. The most salient feature of his music is deep self-reflective rhymes about life as he sees it, while concurrently aiming to curb the conventional belief that hip-hop and intelligence cannot co-exist. 

The independent single is Bush City, it provides a sneak preview into the world of Verse. Bush City is a hometown anthem and a microcosm of Canada’s cultural diversity. The lyrics are carefully architected and intertwined with an East Indian sample not typically used in hip hop music. Along with addressing Canada’s cultural mosaic, he expresses dissatisfaction with the police and claims that there is an underlying tone of inequality and corruption that is pervasive in Toronto. One line states:

“Babylon, boy/Bacon man you know, them ill criminal with a legal payroll/Bag you for a dime but they shovel that snow/I ain’t never scared man I’m ready to go you’re messing with black brown and Phillipino”. 

Verse shepherds the rest of the manuscript through it’s various stages with skill, efficiency and profundity. 

Verse aims to serve as a role model for urban youth, aiming to dispel the notion that having knowledge and being educated is not part of hip-hop. He does not expect his music to be the panacea for the problems afflicting urban youth but rather a solace for those who do believe there is hope in the world. 

Please visit www.VERSERHYMES.com for songs and other information.

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