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Play With Bootsy – New CD Release on Thump Classic

25 May 2004 No Comment

When Bootsy invites you to come play, you know its gonna be one wild adventure. With party animals in the mix like George Clinton, Snoop Dogg, Macy Gray, Miss Kier (Deelite), Sly & Robbie, Fat Joe, Bobby Womack, Rosie Gaines (NPG) and yes, the list does go on and on, you know the festivities will be off the “hizzle for shizzle!” Thanks to Jay King, director Thump Classic R&B for bringing a great idea to life with the reissue of the previous import-only Play with Bootsy CD, it’s a party we now all get to attend. Thump Classic R&B will release Play with Bootsy June 8.

“Just because you have wings doesn’t mean you can fly baby!” – Bootsy 

Funk master extraordinaire, Bootsy Collins is our very own living, lovable cartoon character. Psychedelic sunglasses in check, his is a legacy that has spanned three decades. We hear his influence in the music of Prince, Outkast, Cee-Lo, a host of hip hop others.

Best known for his participation in George Clinton’s celebrated band, the Parliament / Funkadelics and for classics such as the “Mothership Connection,” and “One Nation Under A Groove” Collins continued his musical legacy with the formation of his own group, Bootsy’s Rubber Band. He toured with DeeLite in the 90’s and later was embraced by the hip hop generation, appearing in numerous rap videos, with his beats being heavily sampled over the past decade.

“Give it a chance, you will dance, metabolic imaging to make your mind enhanced!” – Bootsy

His most recent cosmic ride is no less fun or energetic. It bumps, rides, glows, glides and flows through a valley of musical landscapes, including the ever loving funk, dance, club, reggae and hip hop. Thirteen tracks deep along with an enhanced video (track fourteen) to visually enhance and heighten your audio tour; Play with Bootsy is a visit to the mothership new school style.

“What’s old is new and what’s new gets old, but what really matters is that this funky DNA gets inside your soul” –Bootsy

Bootsy’s opening “Inner Planetary Funkmanship” is signature poetic as he not only thanks a roster of all star friends for their contributions to the project, but drops tidbits of psychedelic wisdom. The CD’s title track, “Play with Bootsy” featuring Kelli Ali, takes off before you can get buckled in good with a bass line under current that drives the beginning of this transplanetary voyage.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, and the word is the prime suspect.” – Bootsy 

With “Love Gangsta” featuring Snoop Dogg, Bootsy defuses hip hop’s bad boy image as only he can with a wicked west coast groove refrain “I’m a love gangsta’, put yo’ guns away!” Fat Joe joins the party with some East coast love on “Soul Sista” while Rosie Gaines brings some powerful R&B seasoning to the table with “Don’t Let ‘Em.” 

“You say in God we trust, while you promote fear, greed and lust, and love, joy and pain is in a constant struggle for superior gain” – Bootsy

“A Life For Da Sweet Ting” featuring Eased from Seed flows irie with island funk tinged rhythm, while “Groove Eternal” featuring One and Bobby Womack straight socks it to you with the seasoned flavor of a mid-80’s basement party jam. “Dance to the Music” featuring One continues the party, right before Macy Gray takes it up a techno notch with “Funky and You Know It.” Landing on the planet next is Lady Kier with “I’m Tired of Good, I’m Trying Bad.”

“Life is to short to play long games!” – Bootsy 

“All Star Funk” gets down right prehistoric and tribal with the funk. Bass laden chants, heavy drum beats and Fred Wesley’s trombone solo make you just wanna shake it! Fatboy Slim brings it with ”The Bomb” a futuristic take on Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It” right before “The Funkship” invites you on board for the final take off. 

A burning cat is a dead pussy ! – Boosty 

Play with Bootsy is a wonderful outer space journey that only Bootzilla can navigate. Still funky after all these years, you can’t help but jump right on board. As Bootsy says, “You can’t get in without a funk card baby,” so get your copy today ! You can visit Thump Classic R&B at www.ThumpRecords.com .

“Just smell me on this one!” – Bootsy

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