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The Roots – The Tipping Point – July 13, 2004

25 May 2004 No Comment

Philadelphia’s Roots, popularly regarded as among today’s most innovative, adventurous and influential bands, have just completed ‘The Tipping Point,’ their new album for release July 13, 2004 by Geffen. ‘The Tipping Point,’ says Roots founding member and drummer Ahmir Thompson, is the “sum of our 6 records and our 12 years as a band. Most of our album titles are chosen to reflect on the mood of where the group is and we feel as though this album is our biggest step.”

‘The Tipping Point’ (the title refers to Malcolm Gladwell’s book on the critical moments that touch off social phenomena) is the Roots’ follow-up to their Grammy-nominated album ‘Phrenology.’ On that lauded album, the Roots created a “blueprint for twenty-first-century pop music,” (Rolling Stone).

With contributions from Jean Grae, Martin Luther, Devin the Dude, guitarist Captain Kirk Douglas, producer Scott Storch and comedian Dave Chappelle, ‘The Tipping Point’ also highlights the collective of artists and producers who the Roots have championed throughout their career. Elsewhere on the record, comedian Dave Chappelle makes an appearance on “In Love With (The Mic)” and the group also pays homage to Sly and the Family Stone with a “virtual” duet on “Everybody is a Star.”

“The Tipping Point” track listing:

1. Star/Pointro
2. I Don’t Care (featuring Dom)
3. Don’t Say Nuthin’
4. Guns Are Drawn (featuring Aaron)
5. Stay Cool
6. Web
7. BOOM!
8. Somebody’s Gotta Do It (featuring Gene Gray and Mac Dub)
9. Duck Down
10. Why?
11. The Mic (featuring Skillz and Trunk North)

“Don’t Say Nuthin'” AUDIO


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