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Watch Out Deh Now – J. Anthony Brown Will Make You Laugh

25 May 2004 No Comment

For those in the know, “Watch Out Deh Now” is more than a heed to action, it’s the trademark catcall for funnyman J. Anthony Brown. As a forerunner to today’s hot Black comedy scene, and one of the foremost kings of that comedy, J. Anthony Brown is finally receiving the accolades he so justly deserves.

With a weekly series on the WB Network, a nightly show on BET, two syndicated radio shows and a few commercials even, Brown is definitely working his way into mainstream consciousness. A staple on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show for over eight years now, the voice that wakes up millions of radio listeners in over 195 markets now has a face to go with! 

To fully understand the evolution of Black comedy, one must first be aware that before there was Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, DL Hughley, Chris Rock and a host of others, there was J. Anthony Brown! Brown is a titanic comedic force. His sidesplitting antics and sensibilities have set a precedent that many now follow. Whether he is murdering the hits with his off key version of the latest song, or donning a pink pimp suit to evoke a laugh, Brown will get to your funny bone. His penchant for alligator shoes and rainbow colored suits convey his “party time” approach for fun.

“A lot of comics just do stand up. But stand up is just one of the many facets of comedy. In my act, I ride the spectrum of funny. I’ll sing, incorporate skits and vignettes, do costume changes, and still tell you a joke,” reveals Brown. 

BET recognizes the power of his comedic drive and therefore had him return for a second consecutive season as the host of their top rated network show, “Comic View.” Revamped as “Club Comic View,” the show has been the network’s number one show for 12 years now. With Brown at the reign, the show may just continue as number one for another 12 years. As testimony to the comedian’s draw power, this season as well as last had some of the comedy world’s biggest names grace the stage.

But it is Brown’s role as Pop on the WB Network’s Like Family, starring Holly Robinson Pete, which is garnering the funny man his widest mainstream audience. That coupled with the hilarious “Champs” & “Burger King” television commercials keep him at the forefront of America’s viewing plate. 

Add to that, Brown’s mid-week appearances as Bitter Man on the Steve Harvey Morning radio show, broadcast in Los Angeles and Houston, and it becomes evident that folks just can’t get enough of Brown’s infectious humor. Los Angelenos get an extra dose as they can hang with the stand-up live and in-person every Thursday night when he hosts a local comedy night in the city. All this, and he still tours as well.

With a penchant for hilarious skits, hair- raising improvisation and gut-busting comedy routines, Brown is indeed a no-holds barred walking, talking funny machine. The South Carolina native began his career by chance in 1972 after relocating to Atlanta. He was originally pursuing a career as a clothing designer when $316 short of tuition money, he visited a local club and entered a gong show contest. The one time tailor was asked back to the venue, and later transformed it into a city hot spot as word of his natural wit traveled quickly.

Brown later left Atlanta for Hollywood, landing a job as head staff writer for the Arsenio Hall Show. An industry staple since, his impressive list of credits include performances on Def Jam, It’s Showtime at the Apollo and Evening at the Improv. Movie credits include How to Be a Player, Drumline and the upcoming Disney movie, Mr. 3000. Television credits include Livin’ Single, The Parenthood, Sparks, Moesha, The Parkers and even Oprah. 

An innovative businessman as well as comedian, Brown has his own line of products that carry his name, including honey and hot sauces in addition to the CD’s, comedy videos, and an upcoming clothing line. A creative artist and talented visionary, the comedian is even planning a viewing of some of his artistic work. In addition, Brown is a spokesperson for diabetes, a disease he battles, with his own foundation.

It’s a wonder Brown has the energy to laugh at a joke, much less tell one. With a daily routine that begins at 2:00 a.m. and continues non-stop, J. Anthony Brown is one of the industry’s hardest working comedians. He has helped to pave the way for today’s hottest talent and continues as a trailblazer with his comedic contributions. “Watch Out Deh Now” – America is about to find out what a few have already privy to, that J. Anthony Brown is one funny man! 

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