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Interview With Angolan Hip Hop Crew Tribo Sul

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8 June 2004 No Comment

This week we interviewed Cavera C, a producer, mc and song master and member of the Angolan / Cape Town based underground hiphop group called TRIBO SUL. On the 23rd April 2004 they released their first album, “GRITO DE LIBERDADE” (Shouting for freedom). We got in touch to find out more.

The first time I heard your material was on Bush Radio around 2 years ago. How long have you guys been in Cape Town and when & why did you come to S.Africa?

We came in South Africa in 1998, we been in Cape Town for 6 Years. One of the reason that brought us here, our lyrics (the content on our music), we been writing about political and social issues, and in a country of dictatorship like our country (Angola), we were called enemies of the state.

Where in Angola did you come from?

We come from the ghettos of Luanda (the capital city of Angola).

Is there anything about Angola that you miss?

We miss our families, friends, our people and the country itself.

Where in Cape Town do you live now?

We are living in Observatory, and Elsies River (some in Observatory and one in Elsies River).

Do you primarily rap in Portuguese?

Yes and also in English.

You released your album GRITO DE LIBERDADE in April this year. Where can people buy this cd?

The cd is available at African Music Store (in long street Cape Town), and at Wannabee Online (Internet Café in the corner of Station Road and Lower Main Road in Observatory, Cape Town). Or you can call Cavera on 073 1605 997 and also you can email us on tribosul@yahoo.com.br .The cd price is R 70.00.

What does Tribo Sul mean?

TRIBO- Tribe
SUL – Soldiers united in battle.
TRIBO SUL- The tribe of soldiers united in battle.

How many tracks does this album have?

It has 22 tracks(intro,14 full tracks, 2 poetry’s, 5 skits).

Is this your first album?


Who did the production on this album?

Cavera C (our producer, member of the group), First Page (member of the group), Jay (co producer ) and Ghetto Child.

What kind of equipment / software do you use for beats?

We use a Pc, and software from Fruity loops, Reason, Cubase, Wave lab, Pro tools, E-jay, Sonar, you name it.

Eversince you contacted us I was wondering more and more about Tribo Sul. When I heard your group on Bush Radio I was always down with your group but I could never find your material anywhere. What difficulties have you experienced in this game of hip hop?

A lot of difficulties especially when we have arrived here, cause hardly we couldn’t speak English, and it was hard to settle, and also finances, has been a big problem for us, but once you put everything on the hands of God’s, nothing becomes difficult anymore.

What is the dream of Tribo Sul?

Our dream as been to see a world of peace, joy, equality, justice and freedom (a Democratic and free world).

How long have ya’ll been involved with hip hop?

We are involved with hip hop ever since we where born, but some of us grabbed the microphones in 1993 and others 1996, making it from 11 to 8 years of street knowledge, thanx to street university (hiphop culture).

How would you define your audience? Are they mostly Angolans living in South Africa or is it all people in South Africa? Is there a difficulty when most people here cannot understand Portuguese?

Our audience are all people in South Africa, cause we rap in Portuguese and English.

What do you rap about?

We rap about political and Social issues (we criticize, educate and we bring light in the darkness, hope to hopeless, encourage those who are powerless).

Do you plan performing around the country in the future?

We are planning to do a South African tour.

Is there anybody featuring on your album?

In our album we featured Master M. (from Tanzania), Double P. (from Burundi) and Ghetto Child (from South Africa).

In terms of South African hip hop who should we be looking out for?

There is to many up coming mc’s out there, to look out for.

Thanks man for talking to us, it was a great pleasure to be talking to Tribo Sul, do you have anything you’d like to add, or any shout outs?

Our message for everybody out there is be your self, believe in your self, keep on fighting, believe in God. Big up to every conscious mc, thru out the world, to every independent artist out, there the industry is tough but you can make it, keep up, to Bush Radio (Head warmers Dre and Shaheem), thanx for your support, www.africanhiphop.com, www.hiphopkulture.net , keep up with your good work, Jay from Hotbox multimedia thanx, and to there public out there thanx for buying our independent albums, keep it up, www.africasgateway.com keep on with your good work. Thanx for the interview.

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