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The Cypha, See X, Xed – NamHop Update


14 June 2004 No Comment

The music was hot, the freestyles hotter, the first half of the freestyles only had MC Ekks, Militant and Katty Katt dropping words over a new beat right of the oven from the Black Market Stables. Kitty Katt came thru to drop his track “Reflection of a dope Emcee” which had Kannibal the leader of the Militant and Black Market in house producer, working his Fruityloops magic. The track is hot, the beat is mad……

Then Home Rolled, rolled thru…X Rate, Balance, Daliq, Simon and Mic Chanix joined the freestlying.  The atmosphere was tense, Home Rolled the previous week had dropped some lines which had the whole of Windhoek pissed, lines such as “if u not in the studio right now, u are wack” and “we only pass the mic to worthy Niggaz”. 

Katty Kat grab an X-rate line and twisted it. X rate was like “my thoughts is constipated…then Katty katt went like ” xrate’s thoughts is constipated, well am sh#tting on him”.  Mc Ekks took some pot shots at X-rate as well, but later on was seen apologising to X-rate, trying to ensure that the was no beef.

The big question is….? will X-rate and his peeps take this personal and come back with a bang or will they just brush their shoulders and continue pushing hip hop. what does Windhoek want…we want a diss track…

Plus Cypha producer Bonx will be in Cape Town for a week, crate digging…hence this week’s Cypha will be done solely be Eraze…wacth this space for more detail….

cypha, thursday 8 – 10:00pm
97.4 Unam Radio
peace from THA Wryta

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