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Attention Durban Heads – Bling Free Number Three


28 June 2004 No Comment

The biggest event in the Durban underground movement is back! Saturday the 3rd Of July, Albert Park, Indoor Soccer Courts. For the third month in a row, Durban’s only HipHop/Lifestyle store THE YARD in collaboration with Durban’s freshest clothing label ANONYMIS are having ANOTHER FREE PARTY! How is this possible? In a city where every event seems geared towards crowd capacity and profit, some old school heads have decided that if it can be given away for free then so shall it be. Live graffiti, live turntablism featuring Durban’s biggest names in both fields, spontaneous b-boying and continuous ciphers, Real Durban Hip Hop at no charge. This month has two guest artists from Cape Town taking part (and no I don’t mean Mantis! I said guests not gatecrashers!).

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